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  • Zandi a ajouté un commentaire,

    are you saying that's been your experience? if so i'm jealous for me it's been way more reliable to hit the enter button on my keyboard than the send button as i described in my original post (with...

  • Zandi a ajouté un commentaire,

    because i rarely care about making new lines, especially when just chatting with the mobile app, but i would like to be able to send more comfortably

  • Zandi a ajouté un commentaire,

    i don't see why you couldn't just switch the two, enter button becomes send, send button becomes new line. i'd gladly swap easier access between the two

  • Zandi a créé une publication,

    Enter to send option for mobile?

    i would love the option for this on mobile. on pc it's not so bad because a quick tap of enter on the keyboard is nothing, but between messages on mobile i have to do that pause to carefully touch ...