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  • Invites not working after the recent rebranding

    Invites not working on browser after the recent rebranding.

  • Link to pinned messages

    When we pin a message we get that link , isn't there away to post that link in other places, maybe some tag like this #channel1/pinned or #channel1/pins that will show the pinned messages on that #...

  • Why is nelly reposting instead of merging


    Why is @nelly abusing power and taking other people's suggestions credit ? You can edit or ask for changes or atleast tag or credit the owner of the suggestion.

  • Sort order pinned on each channel

    It would be nice to be able to set channel to have sort order of pinned messages, based either on pin date or the post date. And specifying if it's ascending or descending would just perfect.   Som...

  • Command buttons

    When you click on command button, it put the included command to the input text of the user, then the user can send or not the command to the channel. I saw many asking about ways to interact with...