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  • kynthia आलेख बनाया गया,

    TikTok LIVE Subscription's Customized Perk: Discord Role FAQ

    Calling all TikTok LIVE creators! The Discord role is now available as one of TikTok LIVE Subscription’s customized perks. You can now add even more value to your LIVE Subscription by offering acc...

  • kynthia आलेख बनाया गया,

    Community Onboarding FAQ

    This feature was initially made available to a select number of random communities during an earlier testing phase - it is now available to communities with 5,000 or more people and Partnered serve...

  • kynthia आलेख बनाया गया,

    SteelSeries GG x Nitro 2022 Promo FAQ

    Starting from December 6, 2022 (10:00am PST) to January 13, 2023 (11:59pm PST), SteelSeries GG users can claim 1 month of free Discord Nitro. Learn below about how you can claim Discord Nitro. TL;...

  • kynthia आलेख बनाया गया,

    Snowsgiving Merch 2022 FAQ

    For Snowsgiving 2022, there will be fabulous, unique Discord merchandise available to purchase, with all profits from Snowsgiving merch going directly to support Crisis Text Line! Crisis Text Line...

  • kynthia आलेख बनाया गया,

    Connections & Linked Roles: Admins

    This feature is gradually rolling out! Note: If you’re a community member looking to learn more about how to use this feature, check out the Connections & Linked Roles: Community Members article. W...

  • kynthia आलेख बनाया गया,

    Black Friday Nitro BOGO 2022

    As of November 28, 2022 (11:59PM PDT), this promotion has ended. Upgrade your Discord experience with a new Nitro promo starting on November 23, 2022! Read all of the details below to learn more. ...

  • kynthia आलेख बनाया गया,

    Discord Drops FAQ

    Drops rewards cannot be achieved on Linux clients at this time. We apologize for the inconvenience. If you’re streaming your favorite game to friends through Go Live on Discord, you now have the ch...

  • kynthia आलेख बनाया गया,

    Nitro Subscribers Can Give A Friend 1 Month of Xbox PC Game Pass!

    From November 21, 2022 to January 13, 2023, Discord Nitro subscribers will be able to give a friend 1 trial month of Xbox PC Game Pass! Promotion Summary Offer Details: 1 month of Xbox PC Game Pass...

  • kynthia आलेख बनाया गया,

    Discord Mobile React Native Updates

    We’ll update this article periodically, check back for future updates. Since rolling out the new React Native Android (RNA) app earlier this month, we’ve been listening to your feedback and have ma...

  • kynthia आलेख बनाया गया,

    Pause Invites FAQ

    Chances are you’ve set up invite links to help people easily find and join your Community. But what if you wanted to pause the usage of your invite links, embeds, and vanity URLs without revoking t...