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    That wouldn't be voice/video (at the same time as it would, but it's in a different aspect as the subject). The root problem remains where the control of what is and how it's streamed remains with the console makers (Sony and Microsoft in this case). Discord's only using the available APIs to "make it work", while otherwise working WITH those companies to make "what else" work. Going by the history, those companies don't give you almost any control over what and how you're streaming, but only let you stream as they "think you should" (probably also for performance purposes, anyway), so the de facto go-to is to have a standalone PC with a capture card just for (and also letting you check chat, interact properly and other goodies while at it) streaming any console in a "standard template".

    Also, streaming was never the focus of Discord, but actually an extra feature. It did hit the spot for small groups, but larger meetings (around 20+) will have TERRIBLE results trying to "make it work" through Discord, since it's basically a peer-to-peer connection.


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