Streaming App inclusions.


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  • JimDijkstra86NL

    Did not know where it is appropriate to post thus two posts, also it is relevant to both topics.

  • Mismatch

    If I understood it correctly, basically a white/black listing of which apps should make Discord show something else overlaying the entire screen when in screen-streaming mode?

    If so, in my further understanding, Discord is not a streaming solution, so it would be besides its point to give users control of how the "scenes" should work (and would also require a "how so" setttings platform)... If you really want it, there are solutions that integrate with screen-capture apps (OBS, for example), that capture the configured scenes and relay them as either Webcam feeds or a "single-app" feed, which you could use to control Discord's streaming without having to resort to a mute full-screen stream.

    Either way, if you're not using Discord to stream an entire screen, it SHOULD only capture the chosen app (and that app's audio), so if you're streaming something you shouldn't while at it, the proper channel would probably be to submit a bug report instead of a feedback suggestion.


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