Allow slash commands to have more than a maximum of 4000 characters combined


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  • Harshyxr

    Hi, Iced Queen

    Yes I agree with you, I voted your feedback, i hope your feedback considered by Discord. Good Evenings

    Sincerely, Harshy

  • Donovan_DMC

    Note the "each". This limit is PER command, not overall. 4000 characters for a single command is very generous. This is the same idea as with embeds, those have a 6000 character limit across all fields but the size of each embed does not effect the others.


    My 89 commands easily reach 11,000+ characters total, but none of them individually reach the 4,000 limit, so everything is fine.

  • Iced Queen

    I guess I misunderstood, Donovan_DMC. Thank you for the clarification :D

  • jerry

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