Option to stop Clyde from auto disconnecting in private calls


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  • jjaelyndd

    Please make this an option! Me and my boyfriend have always loved being able to wait in the call for one another to join when the other is busy. Plus we always sleep in the call together and sometimes his phone overheats/dies or mine dies, which when that happens then one of us is able to stay in the call and wait for the other to come back and all that. But with this feature we are unable to do any of those things which really messes stuff up for us 😕

  • Soundtrack

    Remove auto disconnect discord, I'm already having a hard time sleeping at night because I can't sleep unless I'm in a call.

  • aumeile

    at least make it an option :(


    literally! they need to give us the option to disable its so fricken annoying!!!

  • ari

    discord please remove this feature or at least add a toggle option, many users are upset by this new update. it was already a feature on pc and for some reason you guys decided to bring it to mobile.. there was no need to do that. not to mention the time limit from 5 minutes to 3?

    please consider your users feedback, people on here and twitter are upset and you guys probably get emails about this situation as well.

    this was a great feature for long distance relationships and friendships, made many users enjoy using your app.

    EVERYONE VOTE AND COMMENT! the more complaints sent the better <3

  • Ryan Mayes

    You would like to have the option to disable the automatic disconnection feature on Discord, particularly on mobile, when you are idle for a few minutes while waiting for your friend to return to the call. You find it inconvenient to have to reconnect every time this happens.    MyMileStone Card



  • Dat

    I totally agree with the option to toggle auto disconnect on and off! This auto disconnect is really annoying. My partner’s phone dies often at night cause of them forgetting to charge it, so I like to wait in call!

    Customer support said back to me;
    “As you already know, that feature is currently not in the app, but if you would like to see changes to these systems in the future, then you can definitely vote up the suggestions at feedback.discord.com.”
    So let’s get a ton of people to upvote this post and many other posts regarding the auto disconnecting!

  • B

    This has been the most annoying feature removal of all time - c'mon make it an opt in or out type of deal, people who don't care aren't affected and people like us - people who enjoyed this feature at least have the option for things to return to how they once were

  • rahart

    please remove this kick after 3 minute feature

  • H

    people have been urging discord to remove this auto disconnect thing for more than a month already it seems. if you hear us please bring it back

  • aeoncs

    Please give us the option to remove this BS.. Even make it a Nitro Feature!! I swear I am about to leave Discord and unsubscribe because of this.... 

  • aumeile

    - make it a toggle option whether or not to connect or disconnect
    - hell even make it a nitro feature and people would pay for it
    - either way bring it back bc people do be complaining

  • harddude

    Yes I completely agree and it seems they don't care about it because they have been a lot of post about it and nothing has changed. If someone knows another app who does the job I will take it. Thanks

  • Huskroo

    this would be so nice…. been in a LDR for about 2 years now and i gotta say ever since that update came out it's been nothing but frustration whenever one of our internets go out or something happens because we can no longer actively join eachother right off the bat to get back into a call. this auto disconnect feature really sucks… please remove it :(

    100% okay with it being a nitro feature too by the way…..


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