No access to email account


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  • Ydupc

    Firstly, I would recommend contacting discord support by submitting a request since we cannot do anything when you post in the community section. Secondly, if you have 2fa and you have been completely locked out then you'll just have to make a new account.

    If you do not have access to your email address you should be able to still log in. If you cannot prove that you are the owner of the account, then there is also nothing that be can done.

    Good luck with changing the email :)

  • Unghi B

    I have contacted the support and as I mentioned, they only said that they cant help because they cant prove the ownership of the email.

    I recently just enabled MFA with google authenticator. support engineer can look that up on their cloud logs.

    I am not locked out of the account, I just want to change the email

    The problem is that I cannot change the email because I have no access to that email and in order to change the email is only by confirming from said email.

    All im suggesting is more ways to prove the account ownership in case that we no longer have access to email.
    Like we can use the MFA from the authenticator, or we can use the sms phone number, or double confirmation as I mentioned in original feedback, or maybe push notification that goes through the discord phone app.

    There should be multiple ways to edit the account info beside just confirming through that specific parts.


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