Discord keeps falsely removing my accounts, can i get them back?


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  • natasha

    I hardly feel the discord team is doing anything to help. I am struggling to keep my group alive because of this. If i could please get advice on how to stop this I would be really happy. Every passing day everything is just ruined because discord cant take two seconds to actually see whats going on and it makes me sad, ive been on here for 4 years and ive never seen their moderation this bad.

  • Lukas

    Hey, I think a support ticket can help you out here. I had a similar problem in 2018 as well. However, only the server was affected at that time. This was raided by national socialists and was later deleted by Discord, because the raiders makes a huge amount of false reports.
    I contacted Discord accordingly and we found a solution which at least restored the members of the server.


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