Ability to stream or turn on video on a Stage channel?


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  • BoxInTheBush

    In fact i would love to have this feature on the stage channel think about all the possibilities like for example big community cinema night for example! where you can get the owner and admins main stage and then you have around 25 or even more people joining to watch the movie. It would be awesome!!!

  • Nikology

    We really need this. Like BoxInTheBush said it would be really useful for my server's movie nights and not have to change a channels permissions everytime we have one. I would really appreciate this feature coming to this platform and it would help me and so many other community server owners be able to have an easy way to stream for events, movie nights, or streaming a game. I hope this becomes a real feature some point!

  • Eleina

    It could also be used for streamers, I'm trying to make a server that promotes small streamers and musicians and this would be EXTREMELY helpful. I think this might already be in the works however.

  • $u$

    +rep add plz

  • Lenyeto

    Would love for this to be a feature to use for some news type stage activity. (Play lots of modded Minecraft and would be neat to be able to show multiple mods that have come out or updated that week).

  • Thomas Griffin

    While It seems to be that this is a feature that is on the roadmap, if it is not, this needs to be 100% worked on. 

    It would allow discord use for the above mentioned reasons, as well as business purposes, that require more controls over a video channel, than the current voice channels have, but that the stage channel already has built into it. 

  • troopermaxx

    We need this for a Pen and Paper Discord Convention!

  • cupcaκε

    This. I have so many plans for stage channels but they are all useless because you can't stream there. 
    And in normal channels its also not good. 
    Because you can't have an events and other people just watching. that doesn't work really well. 


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