Recent update means I can't hear anyone talking


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  • n1CeKiy

    I have the same problem as well

  • Alex Maestro 💙

    It's the same for me.

  • AstroNinja

    i have this problem with my usb headphones on pc and on phone but i can hear people when i use my old 3.5mm jack headphones

  • Haylee

    I have the same problem, the Discord for the brwoser is just fine but the desktop app dont work well.

  • TooBad?

    I have the same issue. on win 10. as soon as i updated. all sounds work accept for actually hearing people talking. have tried all different troubleshoots and workarounds, nothing works. 

  • 🎀₭ɪʀᴀ🎀

    its the solution

  • Navidjio

    Hey @everyone, im engineer, they broke everything for usb devices, only expiremental mode works, but this mode works much worse, swallowing sound with auto compensation(3.5 jack too bad sound), etc., fix it as it was, I don't need new functions, I need communication quality, this is a priority.

  • Anthos

    i have a sound blaster g6 with a sennheiser mmx 300 and the only solution for me was to switch from virtual 7.1 surround to stereo. also virtual 5.1 surround does not work.

    switch to experimental sub system also does not work for me. 

    hope they fix it asap.

  • Oceanman-ween

    changing to expiremental worked for me although it sounds a bit worse, I also use a soundblaster g6 but i already was on stereo in the sound blaster command.

  • Blackrose Revan

    I have a corsair headset and the new windows update I just did killed any way for me to hear on discord since discord also updated. How do I fix this? Can only discord fix it? 



    try changing the settings for "Voice and Video" - Sound subsystem-experimental.

  • Flame

    Having the same problem as well, Tried going to Sound Subsystem Experimental, Still didn't work.

  • Gryffen1971

    Having same problem! No Output through Headset!

  • Junior78

    para min tambem nao funciona o mic e o fone , so se eu usar o discord web


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