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  • ☬Ďℂ~ ! N1

    hi discors community
    3 month discord nitro have ban?
    i have it pleas not ban my account
    thank you

  • Savvy

    I agree with you bro. It’s really unfair for people who spent money on this platform and instead of getting a “ reward “ or some discord decides to give 30$ worth of nitro to people who’ve never had it before. It would be more fair if it was for everyone

  • laur

    This deal is more like "more accounts, more boosts" but those who supported discord in the past they get nothing. These new users will anyways cancel their subscription, with that being said I think everyone should be able to activate this offer.

  • ☽⃤┊𝕷𝖚𝖈𝖎 ⋆˚★

    I understand wanting to give people a chance to experience the perks to see if they will pay for more, but in reality only a small percentage of people will actually continue the subscription. They don't want people who currently pay to stop paying for a bit of time because then they lose money, hence giving free nitro to those who already don't pay, no loss of money, its genuinely stupid

  • MarckSolo


  • Asuna💫

    I really tried my best to get that nitro but at the end of some steps somethings went wrong. I really don't know what to do!


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