Change the mute/deafen icons back ASAP


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  • leo

    yes, please change it back, or at least make it an option to do so! it's really distracting to me; visual clutter can feel overwhelming to me because of my sensory issues. :(

  • gekker

    absolutely agreeing with “Please stop changing UI that's existed for years on a whim”.

  • Mayu

    Absolutely agree, these new icons; 1. didnt need to be changed they were not only fine but GOOD before, and 2. are now AWFUL, they just suck.
    I hate when every app, game, or program changes their good UI for absolutely no reason when it never needed to be changed, just to make it worse. 
    I sincerely hope they revert the icons… 
    If Discord team choose just 1 time to actually listen to what people have to say please let it be this lol

  • Meggle

    I understand and appreciate the fact discord are constantly trying to improve things but these changes are entirely out of the blue without no option to revert, that I'm aware of, and feels terrible to use. 

    If you're going to change a wide range of icons please add an option to revert whilst you gather feedback.

  • CelestialHarry

    My first impression upon seeing these icons was wondering how the hell do I change them back, which I apparently am unable to do. All of these icons look uncanny for lack of a better word, I keep catching them out of the corner of my eye and being distracted by them, yeah they need a change back option this sucks

  • nothankyou

    So has nobody considered the fact that these icons are less readable if you're visually impaired? I don't care that they're bigger, they are objectively worse. I literally can't see them as well as before. The shapes are less distinct than before and frankly if you just blur your own vision you'll see that they all merge into a similar circular blob. I don't know who they hired to test the accessibility of these changes but they weren't very thorough.

  • Hyuu~chan


    Discord just doesn't care about their user base at all.  I can bet you they'll make it a nitro perk to have the old icons because they're just THAT bad.

  • Dwurban

    100% agreed. As soon as the UI changed my eyes darted straight for those red icons. It's incredibly distracting and it at least needs to have a toggle to turn it back. The rest of the changes on desktop are bad, but this is by far the worst of it


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