New icons are terrible


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  • yay yay

    The roundness that every site is now using genuineley hurts my eyes, like I'm probably “overreacting” but Chrome's UI refresh made me cry so hard I had to reset it. This is like mildly tolerable but the icons do NOT fit eachother at all it is Horrendous, if Discord is trying to simplify itself why is it churning these turbo turds that have a little too much detail in them. What happened to sharp icons 😭!

  • Mayu

    Absolutely agree, these new icons; 1. didnt need to be changed they were not only fine but GOOD before, and 2. are now AWFUL, they just suck.
    I hate when every app, game, or program changes their good UI for absolutely no reason when it never needed to be changed, just to make it worse. 
    I sincerely hope they revert the icons… 
    If Discord team choose just 1 time to actually listen to what people have to say please let it be this lol


    please don't force me to use third party programs to make it somewhat decent again.

  • UkuleleBoy46

    Yes, the new icons are just weird. They didn't need to be changed; they actually looked good before. 

    And the concepts of some of the new icons are… clever, but they still need some more work. For example, you used a spool of thread for Threads, but that's not really necessary. And honestly, did you need to add arms to the people?

    And look at the community server icon; the house thing barely and uncomfortably fits inside the shape.

    Think about how it affects people with dyslexia or other disabilities. Did you test it to see how it affects them?

    At the very least, give us the ability to switch back to the old icons if we want to. Then look at the data for how many people switched back, and you'll probably see that the majority did.

    Dear Discord managers, please think about this: Your icons probably upset a lot of people, and you didn't need to. The old icons were just fine. If you want some of the icons to be a little different, then change some of them, but stick to the previous style.

    Listen to your users' feedback, they're all you have.




  • ms3box

    It's pretty horrendous. I just started getting this on the browser based version and I want to gag.

  • leo

    agreed, the older ones were more legible and intuitive. the whole icon turning bright red if you deafen/mute is extremely distracting, too.

  • Dwurban

    The new icons are absolutely terrible.  The worst offender for me are the Mute and Deafen being red, they're extremely distracting and my eyes dart to it every time I open the window. I really hope someone makes some kind of add on or extension that fixes them.


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