New Dark Mode (among other things)


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  • SpaceBees

    I'm dreading the update getting rolled out to my phone and this is the main reason why. Discord nailed the contrast balance, creating one of the only dark modes that's actually comfortable to look at with my (mild) astigmatism. Why would they change it now??

  • therealgrem

    i managed to find a way back to the old gray (repeatedly resetting it to automatic mode and going back to my chats until it hit gray instead of the dark blue) but i don't know if that's an accident or not. hope that helps anyone who's struggling, for now.

  • bogosort

    Came here for the exact same issue. As mentioned by others, it's not only an aesthetic preference, but a huge strain for my eyes in this much darker dark mode!

    All the other UI changes I can live with, and reading the blog post I understand that they needed to revamp the mobile app to exist as it's own thing. My confusion is as to why making the dark mode darker is necessary without at least offering an option to choose the classic grey colour scheme (especially since desktop seems to still be grey?). I don't mind there being the existence of a super dark mode for the people who like it, Midnight included - I just want an option for classic grey. 

    I would even genuinely be happy to pay for Nitro if it meant having an option for a classic grey mode. I used to have Nitro Basic but I felt obligated to cancel it until the app becomes useable for me again.



  • therealgrem

    as of last night (dec 7th around like 2 am lmao) i can no longer use the gray mode via automatic mode anymore. all of the nitro options for themes are still using the aggressive-contrast ratio of background-to-text and my eyes are hurting every time i have the app open. i've been opting to use desktop instead, which i rarely do, just because it hurts so much. i'm afraid it's going to cause more of my migraines.

    @ bogosort i'd also pay extra for nitro if it had the gray background there, but it doesn't. the only themes are aggressively dark-to-bright contrast and vice versa for light mode nitro themes. why is this a permanent change? why is the platform going the way of other social media and using blue-colored backgrounds as a default?

    edit: to be clear, the only reason i have nitro right now is because of a gift. my subscription is canceled and if i find another platform that's easier on the eyes, i'm moving. it's so clear the userbase isn't being listened to right now, and i don't feel like paying for ignorance and inaccessibility.


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