These Mods are Pathetic


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  • I AGREE SO MUCH, it's like they copy and paste the same thing over and over “. . .the only thing you can do is delete your account” . They also say they “care” about our accounts, but they don't. Just quit using discord if the issue keeps happening at this point. No matter how much evidence you give them, apparently its still not “your” account, for “privacy reasons” which is f-ed up. You should read what I posted the support is not very helpful at the moment. 

    I can agree anymore with you on how much the support is not very helpful.

  • Guckoff19

    It’s annoying to have a bot respond to you then a actually person. And don’t think for a second you can call discord office they don’t even have the decency to put you on hold. They send you STRAIGHT to voice mail. They claim my account was committing fraud due to a miss payment in my nitro so they disabled my account. And now I’m just stuck here making emails and calling. This shit is so unfair. 


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