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    We've just added this feature! You can access this menu by right clicking your server → Notification settings → Server Notification settings

    More details in this FAQ:

  • Delande

    Yes please ... @role mentions are driving me nuts sometimes -.-

  • Kamirose

    This is my #1 request right now... @role mentions are the most obnoxious thing on discord IMO.

  • DaSpood

    Yeah, I am amazed that you can mute @everyone and @here and silence an entire server, but no matter what you do, @role can still ping you.

    Hopefuly this is added fast. One of my servers is really annoying with that.

  • greenroc

    I agree, I added my vote.

    A server I am in has been @ my role a lot more the last week or so. They do this when taking the group's game offline, and another mention when bringing the game back online.

    I been getting red numbers like 2 to 4 times a day from them. Today, I asked them not to mention roles (I only want red numbers when it is a direct message) but they wont stop because they need others with my roles to be pinged, and the only option they said was to remove me from the role (which I want to have that role in order to see info about the game we're playing).

    I am just one person in a large group, and as far as I know, I am the only one in that group who wishes not to see red numbers for game-related communication.

    I have both the server and that channel with the role mentions muted, but I still get notified with the red numbers.

    I want an option on my end, under my control, to be able to mute role mentions.

  • PistachiBow

    This seems like an oversight, really needs addressing, agreed.


    Please.  I am part of a server where they make frequent announcements by role, and everyone in the server has a role based on which games they are active in, like @overwatch or @seige for example.  The roles are used by the server admins for administration and I cannot use the server but be removed from all roles.

    I am not super active in the community and don't care about all of the frequent community announcements, the constant notifications are annoying and I want more than anything to mute them.  I like joining the server periodically to join pick up games with friends, but I am on the verge of quitting the server just to escape the notifications.


    Please let me mute role mentions, there's no reason not to let me control if I want to hear about this stuff. 

  • Dominionix

    Why is this still not implemented? People have been requesting it for the best part of a year.

  • hiccups

    And it happend again:
    There is an admin who gave all his 20.000 members the role "@members". And what does he do to bypass the function "supress  @everone and @here"!? He pings "members" and everyone get's a PING, no matter if you want that or if you you don't want that.

    The supress function is absolut USELESS!

  • The Guy In Blue Goggles

    Totally agree! I would like a way to mute when someone mentions a role you belong to. I mean, like "mute @everyone and @here" but "mute specific roles", in a server that is not mine. For example, mute @htcviveowners in a VR server. The problem now is that there is absolutely no way to do that, even if you mute the full server, you still get notifications if someone mentions your role (but not is someone mentions everyone)...  it is really annoying...  Thanks!

  • SencneS

    I understand that "We could just leave the server, and make your own" but that's not a viable solution to a growing systemic problem. As more and more servers start implementing mandatory @role event notifications, or admins being abrasive, or frankly exploit the mechanic to spam ads and demanding payment for removal of that role. Considering they did not pay anything to create or maintain the discord server, the admins demanding money to remove ads is an unintended side effect.

    It is fundamentally countering the concept of Discord creating communities. You can't simply leave a community you've got long term friends with. Often the community is better than the admins. You don't join the server to see ads, you join for your friends. To have servers spam notifications using @Role Mentions is the single largest issue short of app breaking bugs. This isn't a bug breaking the app, it's a feature breaking communities...
    There is a solution - You simply block the person who is spamming the @Role mentions. On one server I have every single admin and moderator blocked (About 18-20 people) all because they spam @Role Mentions. Which is frankly dangerous, we shouldn't be blocking admins and moderators to prevent role pings.

    I did a simple search in the support forums, I stopped at page 5. All these threads all request or have some sort of issue with @Role mentions. Even the one that says "Getting-rid-of-roles-you-don-t-want"

    Some of these have even been deleted from the site altogether.


    By the looks of it, this is just a growing issue. Again, not a bug breaking the app, not a "nice to have" feature that grows the functionality of Discord. This is a request to keep communities from becoming a mechanism for admins to exploit for financial gain, or annoyance beyond reasonable use.

  • CyberFoxar

    This is definetly becoming an issue. We can mute pretty much anything but role notifications. Why ?

  • Hoof Heartd

    Please add the ability to stop @role pings!

  • Hoof Heartd

    There needs to be a stop to @role mentions going through muted servers

  • Hoof Heartd

    There needs to be an option to mute @role pings just like @here pings and @everyone. Currently the only option is to leave the server or block every single person who @roles which is just not an option

  • penguinairlines

    I came here because I can not comment on which was closed by Dabbit Prime as a duplicate but was actually a different issue.  I would like to see the ability for a regular user to mute certain role tagging in the notification settings.  As mentioned here, there are communities that I would like to be a part of that use @customrole to tag their custom role, rather than use @everyone or @here since custom roles are immutable, even if the entire server is muted.

  • Keet

    It's a nice thought, but it seems 1400 votes isn't enough just yet. I yearn for the day the option to mute role mentions is added or muting a server actually mutes a server. My kingdom for a mute role mentions option!

  • MagX47

    This is starting to become a big issue for me, more and more people are learning that this is an annoying loophole and abusing it like they abuse the @everyone. There are some servers that require you to have a role to use it, a simple on/off toggle (like suppress @everyone and @here) but just suppress @roles would be fantastic! We still get the red marker to show a message, it just doesnt *beep* popup on screen and annoy you while gaming or streaming

  • ValheruWolf

    Agreed,  didn't realize this could get around the ability to mute a server you are in,  basically makes you have to leave a server to avoid notifications which was the point of being able to mute them.  

    Just need a step up on the mute of a generic mute text,  mute the @ everyone,  and mute any and everything including roles and @everyone pings


  • Rana

    Why are we able to supress @everyone & @here when we can't supress @everyone_2 / @fake_here.

    Supressing roles or direct mentions shouldn't be something we request really, it's just so obvious.

  • Megamaw

    i have muted an entire server and i am still getting @role pings. some servers have started using @role pings as a way to circumvent disabling @everyone by giving all members a role when they join.

    i've seen this like three times now and it's super obnoxious. please give us a countermeasure.

  • hiccups

    Yeah. I have a lot of servers and there are a lot of roles. If somebody would be a role like "Guild Wars 2 Player". All members of the role "Guild Wars 2 Player" would be pinged.

    The point is, that I like to keep the role, but I don't wanna hear or see the ping of it.

    It would be useful.

  • Noctali

    Yes please, I have so many servers and some of them tend to really abuse this (and it seem that more and more servers are doing it)

  • Evengard

    Some people have multiple servers. And some bad server admins are using roles to get a notifications even when @everyone is muted. Asking to remove a role is just not an option - theese roles are used usually like a method to consent with server rules (bots automatically giving roles, etc), so everyone is assigned a role or can literally do nothing on the server.

    When you have multiple servers it is becoming frustrating when you get continually pinged in the servers which you don't check actively but still using from time to time. I asked once one server admins to stop this behaviour (I was polite), and they just laughed "you're indicating what to do to us, ADMINS?!" and just kicked me from the server. Really, this impossibility to mute role mentions creates toxicity, not is just frustrating.

  • Jojen

    Honestly, this garbage makes me not want to use Discord anymore, it's ridiculous how long this has gone on. It's well over a year now that people have been asking for this. As people keep mentioning, this isn't some cute feature that people would like to see added, it's a major issue with how Discord operates. Absolutely destroys the notification system.


    What are we supposed to do anymore? These requests (plural) are all highly up voted, and nothing comes of it. People make lots of duplicates in an attempt to bring more attention to it, and nothing comes of it. How do we force them to see this problem? Or is it malicious negligence?


    Clearly no one at Discord cares at all about their platform.

  • jcx


  • Blastoise186
    This would be extremely helpful for me, since I'm in a few servers which get role ping spammed badly and I'd want to be able to disable them.
  • Blastoise186
    This would be extremely helpful for me, since I'm in a few servers which get role ping spammed badly and I'd want to be able to disable them.
  • Nightingale


    Basically bigger servers know that people can suppress @everyone and @here pings, so they exploit that by giving people roles then using all the roles at once.

    This is irritating when you're in a server of 23k people, and you're staying for the community. Trying to pay attention to a large chat via pings and then getting other pings from the server that you're in is stupid. I HAVE TO TURN OFF PINGS FOR THE SERVER ENTIRELY TO REMOVE THEM. I don't want to do that when I want to see what my friends have been typing into the main chatroom.

  • Parabellum

    Getting a little more than frustrated with one server in particular who I've requested to stop using @role mentions and carries on doing it regardless leaving me with notifications across mobile / home pc and laptop I like the dude so I stay in the community but unless something is fixed soon I'll be ditching his server because of it, Discord PLEASE listen to what people are asking, its not difficult you've got server mutes already, Just apply that server mute to include all roles in the API that way no matter what role is created the blanket server mute will disable them. Mute channel does nothing, mute server does nothing, mute @everyone and @here does nothing if people can just bypass it with a simple "Assign you xyz" @xyz Tough luck you can't mute these. 


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