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    Server Folders are now Live!

  • Baddy

    I roll a "Need - 100" on that one.

  • dragonshardz

    Collections > All. Do want. If you added Quick Search, it would be a wombocombo of awesome.

  • Exile

    The collections one is a for sure winner.

  • SciChronic

    A thousand times this. I, like many people, are in a plethora of discord servers, some for my friend-groups, some twitch sub servers, and some for specific games. I even have multiple discord servers for the same online game, each reflecting a different aspect of that game. Needless to say, my server list has ballooned quickly, and having the scroll around to find each server is cumbersome. Let us group servers into folders and maybe let us tag servers as "favorites" so we can quick-access those servers.

  • aen

    Definitely do collections, that one is great.

  • ༺124℘rØ124༻

    Whilst adding the folders, why don't you allow the addition of Favorites with servers, so u can have folders for your favorite servers and such

  • lightacenoah

    folder please.

  • Linda

    PLEASE make this happen i need this! I'm loosing my mind clicking through a bunch of servers until i find the one I'm actually looking for

  • kaci


  • Vaemarr

    This needs to happen. I have having so many servers and not enough room to see or organise them.


    My OCD goes into overdrive just looking at the list.

  • lobabob

    This is a really big annoyance. Really surprised this isn't out already honestly.

  • 45qk

    I would like this very much, I'm in several discord servers. I'd be happy to be able to group them to categories.

  • 󠂪Avalon

    Honestly that seems really cool, I'd love to see that.

  • Amaroq the Kitsune

    This is a great idea, and is actually requested pretty often.

  • Hodge

    I use discord for competitive games and different groups have different servers that i need to be in. So this would really help tidy up my Server bar

  • nescix
    Actually looks awesome, and I agree, it'd work great with Discord, because people join a lot of servers and they need a quick access to it. Though there is quick switcher, I would say it needs some more development like what you suggested. Nice job!
  • Randonx

    I would very much appreciate a setting like this.  Even with multiple options.  Great work on the demo Nelly.


    Would anybody else here like an option to sort your servers by your own recent activity in them?

  • wAffles
    great concepts, wow!
  • benny

    Collections and Quick search look beautiful  

  • goDlluB

    I think dividers would be amazingly cool and maybe we could type in little headings for the dividers so like ''Community'' ''Youtubers'' ''Gaming'' ''Official Discords'' ''Favourite Discords'' etc...

  • ZaZoTX

    A. Folders - Keep servers related to one program/game together.
    B. Rename - (Personal) Rename servers, to track frequent renamed servers (only visual for user).

    Additional note: "Remove (new message)" Alerts on channels ENTIRELY!
    (right now even if its muted and all.. it says (3+) on servers... and it keeps being refreshed.
    mentally disturbing.

  • Baron Von Fluffles

    I'm glad this is on the radar !
    I think a combination of Folders / Quick search would cover usability for the widest range of audience

  • Zahand

    Yes please! I dont understand how this hasn't been implemented yet. My sidebar is so cluttered because I've joined so many servers. 

    I would even pay for such a feature.

  • Twisty Spine

    I think folders and quick search would be a great combo

  • The Computer Guy

    Agreed, I am on about 39 different servers and it's hard keeping track.

  • Pocket

    Really hope this is coming soon! Long over due and needed for anyone who really uses Discord.

  • I constantly leaving Discord servers cause I can't Found the server that I want. And still I can't Found it cause I only see the picture. So, when the picture changes, I have to check every server for found it.
    If I put 3 art servers in a folder and I can't found one, there's only 3 servers that I have to check, that will be more fast and comfortable.

  • Vaemarr

    My gripe with the current layout is having limited side space for all the servers I have joined, having to scroll down to see others, and having notifications show up for each server but only being able to mute individual servers.

    Sometimes I really don't need to know about new updates in a server so having the option to disable notifications globally for a server would be great as opposed to just the channel within a server.

  • lancu

    server folders could be a neat thing imo, basically a collapsible server category

    also with organisation I hope they add a category drop-down in server settings as to what type the server is (gaming, community, music, tech, etc) and let people sort by that


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