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  • Cerain

    The rename trick worked for me, but it would be nice to have a permanent solution. Especially since people might want to use it for other things too.

  • Warlordee

    Legendary man, legendary idea, and legendary execution.

  • Aeon1704

    Make it happen...

  • Crazierinzane

    Very annoying that I can't turn it off or switch "games" on a case by case basis.

  • Aeon1704

    I really really really really really really really really really don't understand this!!!
    When we have accounts connected to Discord, there is a switch in connection settings, that determines whatever that account is shown for your friends or not.

    Why we can't have the same for games?
    What you want us to do, so we will be able to have such a simple option?


    Can we please address this? I am not playing synergy and do not want to stream it.

  • brody

    I have the same complaint as others in here. I understand some people want to show off when they are working, but I don't. An example is the writer's app, Scrivener. It shows on my "Game Activity" (why? it is not a game) when I am on my PC writing. I have had more than a few people DM me asking me what game I'm playing when they see Scrivener open. Now I also have the Go Live pop up appearing as well, even with "Show Game Activity" toggled off:

    Screen sharing and streaming is a great feature, but I don't want to see this while I'm working.

    Unfortunately, I am going to disable "Show Game Activity" until this is addressed. I'm tired of having to toggle it on and off when switching between gaming and working. Please allow us to disable these features for certain apps, because I like showing my gaming activity when I'm actually gaming!

  • Waddle

    +1 This suggestion plus a "rich presence priority list" for both "rich presence slots" would be awesome. 

    The way I've envisioned this feature is 2 rich presences; a primary one that displays game-details and detailed information and a secondary one that shows just the basic information and which is much smaller than the primary one.

    Something like this or perhaps smaller and more compact:

  • mynnichi

    I didn't even realize this was a problem until yesterday. There has to be a way to turn off specific game activities, especially verified games that keep showing themselves even after being removed from added games. My reasoning is the same as OPs - I want my music to show up, not whatever verified program I have opened that I'm not using.

  • TeeeJay

    I never will stream with Discord and see no reason for a damn popup taking up valuable space in my channel list, guess I have to uninstall and only use the web/phone apps now since turning off everything to do with it in Discord settings still gives the popup.

  • Aeon1704

    Maybe on reddit they will listen to this plea...

  • God I wish I could change my damn game status on mobile

    instead I have to go onto my potato pc to change it


  • preciousjerry

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  • [QcAn] JeffTeck

    We cant report comments for spam? damn. (preciousjerry's one)

  • Aeon1704

    They have finally added suppress @allroles. What will it take to add Game excusion???

  • Canonball9877

    I have 2 versions of minecraft running on my PC

    Java and bedrock edition,However It just states "Minecraft" So I always get confused between the two I wanna block it from showing bedrock because I use java more and I want them to know They can join me In bedwars or something.

    Its STUPID devs FIX IT!!!    

  • Aeon1704


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