Give ability to turn off the store/library tabs while keeping the activity tab


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  • Astral

    I have the exact same issue and request!

    I checked out a free game on the Discord store via a link from my friend, decided I didn't want it and removed it from my library. However the library tab still appears even though the 'Show Games Tab' is toggled off!

    As a temporary 'fix', if you use the web version of Discord, you could use an ad-blocker (like uBlock), select the element and then add it to your block list. You could theoretically do this with the Discord clients if you could modify the CSS somehow, but this would most likely be against the ToS.

    Honestly, this sounds like an unintended bug, hopefully the Discord developers fix this in the next update!

  • Blues_hawk

    For many third world users. Virginia, Arkanas, Oklahoma for a few examples, The Store is a huge bandwidth killer that has taken this app from beautifully functional to eating th entire universe. an OFF button is needed. 

  • Glorion

    I am never going to buy anything from the store, so i would rather never see it. I don't need another game "launcher" to fragment my game library.

  • RSNN

    I'd like us to turn off each tab individually. For example, keep library and activity, but hide the store. I have no money and most of the free games barring warframe (which I already downloaded) don't interest me that much.

  • Angel

    Yeap, still hope they'd allow us to do that
    Library tab appeared today because of "King of the Hat" being free for the HypeSquad members
    Now i can't get it to not take useless space above my DMs...

  • DrC89

    if you find a way to get rid of it angel tell me I did the same thing as you :(

  • iammullet

    Please let me hide the library tag. I'm having serious regrets about using the store because I now have less space in the direct messages area and this just makes me not want to use the store anymore. Why am I allowed to hide library before interacting with the store but now that I have interacted with the store it is there for good? That doesn't make any sense.

  • ammyra

    Yup, I installed a game, decided I didn't like it, uninstalled it. Now I'm deciding I don't like the Library tab sitting there. For no reason. I turned off Activity section for the same reason, why is there no option for hiding the Library? I even removed all the install locations from the Game Library settings hoping that would make it disappear, but apparently you can't delete your selected "Default" location, and even if you could, it has nothing to do with making that Tab go away. :sad_face:


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