Request - Duo app 2FA


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  • Yerbich Of Philipagate

    😋 thank you

  • Blastoise186
    I believe this is already possible because Duo should support TOTP 2FA which is extremely common. Just about any website, system or service which supports Google Authenticator - including Discord - is TOTP 2FA compatible, so apps like Authy and Duo will work very nicely already.
  • Ted Hall

    Yes -- Duo.

    Like the OP, I'm at a major public university that already uses Duo for 2FA, and I find it easier to use than Google Authenticator.  I can set up the university's 2FA to send a push to the Duo app on my mobile phone.  All I need to do in the app is tap an "Accept" button; no need to transcribe a code from one place to another.  The Duo app can also be used to generate such codes.  In the University's 2FA, I think the codes are valid for 60 seconds; I've found the 30-second timeout for Discord / Authenticator codes to be a bit short and frustrating.  But, as I said, with Duo I don't need to deal with those codes at all.


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