Send a scheduled message [Suggestion]


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  • Bobberson OSP

    1 of 3 of those bots are viable... And it requires a monthly payment.

  • Xenon

    I fail to see how to send recurring reminder messages to specific channels with free bots. Reminder-bot has it restricted for patreons and the other 2 don't seem to offer it.

    Slack has a ton of community bots but simple reminders (recurring or not) are built-in :) I'm looking for that basically (or at least a free bot)

  • ziplock9000

    No we shouldn't have to be installing bots for something that should be integrated and free

  • OneAlpha

    I'm really surprised this isn't built in. I know a lot of game server owners use Discord for those that play on their servers so a pre-scheduled announcements can be made for server maintenance, game events, updates etc would be useful to have.

    This is one of the reasons I cannot move my own game server communication and several different group communications to Discord.

    I'll just have to continue using Steam (group).

  • Ian

    You know you can make private bot for things like this. It's really simple to do. And if you're not one that's very good at coding, go to youtube. Now, if you want a free bot to do this consider inviting Carl-Bot to your server as it has an auto-feed feature that sends messages on certain dates at certain times for free. 


    Edit: If you need help setting anything up, I would be happy to help. (@Ian#9999)


    Edit 2: Before sending me a DM, invite Carl-Bot to your server and go to their support server. If you still have trouble, DM me. Just added this because I've had many people DM me and realized I said the same thing every single time.

  • Liz

    Would be nice as an admin-only perm for announcements maybe. But there are bots that are able to handle things like that just fine if that's something you really need.

  • K43NAME

    this is easily implemented using bots

  • PiPinecone
    So you mean like, an auto announcement?
  • Lelantos

    Would love to see this implemented! Would help community affairs run for smoothly & automated.

  • Emilie

    On top of scheduled message at specific date and time, it'd be nice if we could schedule them to be sent when a specific user goes online, and if a specific user replies to our previous message, either with a specific reply, like "yes" for example, or not.

    Not sure about the YouTube Premiere way, maybe it should be an option, as we don't always want users to know in advance the content of a message?

  • Elarion

    Hi ! I made a bot to send scheduled messages. You can add it to your server and control it through the following website : It allows you to send message at certain times and certain hours. 

    For instance in 3 hours, or everyday at 5pm

    If you have any question or suggestion you can go on the following discord server :

  • Ionut Cusca

    Elarion is it possible to send images through the bot?


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