Coloured code blocks


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  • Blake

    This is true!!

  • DEM0N194

    Wouldn't be the code needed for this feature be almost the same as for desktop? What's taking you so long?

  • WhoNeedszZz

    Is it too much to ask for Discord support to actually respond to these requests? As mentioned, adding the functionality is trivial and this is now a year old. What's the excuse for why there isn't a major feature parity between desktop and mobile. Programming communities are growing steadily on Discord, but not being able to read the code blocks on mobile is a major problem. I've been a major supporter of Discord since the beginning, but things like this makes me not want to take it seriously for a programming community.

  • ÜberUser

    This would definitely be a marked improvement, and hopefully not too complex to implement given the existing framework for the desktop client. Giving this a +1 in the hopes that the Discord devs pick up on this thread :)


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