Feel The Darkness

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  • ba8t
    I think that people are able to choose what color white or black that there background color could be, some people still uses it and there is no reason to remove the color.
  • Stijn
    There are people that like discord light mode, people have their own view of discord darkmode vs discord lightmode
  • Krio

    Light theme is a crime and all its users must be purged

  • Leo

    It was turned :LUL:

  • moonlightcapital
    Discord tried this for april's fools and users (including myself) complained. While you may not like it, some people have accessibility access where they struggle reading white text on dark backgrounds. This suggestion is probably not going to be implemented
  • rose
    Discord tried this for April Fool's Day, but had a LOT of backlash as people rely on white theme for a11y reasons
  • mesub
    What happens to the people that need it for accessibility reasons?
  • index.ts
    No. Just no.
  • Vsbl
    I don't think there's a point on removing it, because you don't like it doesn't mean everyone else doesn't too. Some people want light theme.

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