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  • Pf

    That would be a great idea, I sometimes feel that I have to clear those chats

  • Daniel_

    Im unclear what you mean
    But if you to get rid of someone you dont talk too who shows up on your direct messages, theres an option that shows up by click on you and that person's conv. Click the 3 dots upper right corner, and push close.


    Can we make this happen!? Plus its new year as well :^)

  • Chip Michael

    How is this not already fixed?   

    Do you need a programmer to look at the code to implement something like this?  I'm volunteering. 

  • Elune

    Why is this STILL NOT A THING?!

  • Pucci Enrico

    We clearly all want it. Discord. Just do it.

  • Cubuzz

    Another feature that would save me lots of troubles when developing my apps in DMs instead of servers. Atleast give bots the permission to do so.

  • Parallax Abstraction

    I really don't understand why this isn't an option already. Discord keeps insisting that their business model is not based around collecting user data or parsing the content of our messages. So why do they keep resisting giving us the tools to easily control our own messages on the platform? This should never have been something users should have to request.

  • Kierstad

    This isn't even just a GDPR issue there's also CCPA for California residents, and it won't be that long before it's just multiple implementations in different geographical regions to protect user's data.  Other companies have to deal with it, this one will too...just hopefully before they end up having to pay large fines for not complying.  There simply isn't any way around it, no matter what kind of legal spin you want to put on it, they are still processing information from a user, and it's not solely limited to their account information anymore.  Yes, users should use common sense with what they share, but the law doesn't care about common sense (at least not in this case).  

  • Nazer92 ⚡

    If we can delete one (our) message, why we can't delete these all?? I'm think this is must be our choice.

  • Airbound378

    I agree, we need this because of weird people trying to send weird pics and stuff.

  • totte

    I would like to see this feature added.

  • MangoFlower

    Please. I have plenty of message from years ago that I just want gone
    Whether due to harassment or old relationships

  • RK_fawx


  • Pizza…🍕

    I feel like discord does not care about what the users want. If I want to delete my account. I want my messages erased. Either that or let us be able to request our data to be deleted. I am not paying for Nitro anymore and won't use this app anymore. In the world of today new apps will come out to replace discord and users will find better platforms. When apps do not care about the people

  • Maya

    I think even if clearing a DM wouldn't clear the other person's side , this still should be a feature.

  • patau

    I need it

  • Pew

    Реально хорошая идея !! Давно пора бы !)

  • S1DE


  • Cheeky

    Just report them to your local gov for ignoring rgpd.

    They had more than the time to do it, so their reasons not to do it are shady.


    In before we learn that they were selling all chat info and statistics

  • Goku-san

    I would just like to clear my chat history in DMs so I have a clean slate. I don't really need to have chats that are now irrelevant being saved. Clean DMs look uncluttered and easier for me to keep up with the current chat when the old stuff is gone. It doesn't have to delete the messages on both sides, just mine. It would be like Skype where clearing your chat history only clears the messages on your side. The other user would still see both theirs and your messages if they haven't cleared their chat history.

    As what other people said, some people share computers and they don't want their chat history being shared.

    In the case of deleted accounts, it should delete the history completely for everything.

  • Roar Lien

    Agreed. Think this would help alot and make it even better so people can start fresh more often. I like to do that with my mate and we always clean our chat once in a while but it's such a boring task to do, to delete all the messages and start from scratch, would really love it if there was an option to delete all your messages, would help alot!

  • Shiftyrelic

    Why is this not a thing yet

  • Aylash

    Wait, this seriously is NOT a function yet? Every single other messanger out there has it but this one doesn't? That's precious. XD

  • Artur Graf

    plz add delete DM message

  • RoleplayRyan

    I have multiple direct message chats that I would just like to delete all of my messages from. And if this was added for everyone, I could get the people I'm in that direct message chat to delete all of their messages too! It's nice to not have to see the past, or have to worry about it there. But, maybe have pinned messages stay after a mass message delete. 

  • △ Nobu

    It's beyond pathetic that discord doesn't have the feature to DELETE THE HISTORY FROM YOUR SIDE ONLY, this is so basic even windows messenger had this option. They are too busy making funny meme update videos instead of improving their trash app with basic functions :)

  • This should be a no brainier. Pretty much every other service you can clear your DMs.

  • maddiee

    I definitely agree because my account got hacked and the hacker joined all these inappropriate servers and now I have messages from bots saying I’ve been ranked inappropriate stuff so I wish you could delete all this stuff :((

  • !Kentrosaurus!


    But this is like a year ago and they didnt add it yet,





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