I think a upvote/downvote for accounts would be good.


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  • jedi3
    i think that is a horrible idea. Some guy could make a ton of alt accounts downvoting some person because of a grudge. The person could actually be trustworthy and reliable but all of a sudden no one trusts this person anymore because of some votes on his account.
  • MoonlightCapital
    No thanks
  • Sosig
    This would cause, how do I say it, a lot of violence.
  • Airstrike

    I understand the issue that someone could just create a load of alts, but maybe they could install something like making it so only verified accounts that have existed for enough time can dislike or something, it has its flaws but I think it has its benefits too cause at the moment the worse you can do to a scummy person if kick or ban them and then they continue to be scummy on other servers and no one can stop them or even warn against them.

  • jedi3
    yeah, it has those benefits, but those benefits don't outweigh the risks of people abusing it because of hatred and more.
  • Blastoise186
    Unfortunately, while I can understand the idea behind this suggestion, I can also see a lot of scope for misuse. Personally, I consider that anything which happens in one particular Server should be considered irrelevant to other unrelated Servers. I'd have several concerns that this suggestion might cause a number of headaches. As an example, it could force users to be unfairly blocked from joining Servers they've never been to before, because they got banned from another Server over a year beforehand.
  • Baron Von Fluffles
    I don't think it's necessarily a bad idea for a server owner to have an internal status of accounts similar to "personal notes" that would group users that may be on probation or promotion (3 strikes / gold stars) but that should only be local to a server not global in anyway.
  • Dozer
    It doesn't achieve anything to implement something whose only use is for social status or whatever. It can be exploited heavily by bots and it doesnt really achieve anything in the long run. Additionally, if this comes up with commenting on profiles it can be used to bash and cyberstalk people, including cyberbullying made even easier.
  • Zacatero
    Even if there were pros to having this there are so many cons. Like I feel this would be used exclusively for the bad things.
  • Magikarp
    So people who doesn't like you can downvote you. Also, some (toxic) people can do "raid" to downvote your profile. I think people shouldn't be "upvoted" or "downvoted" based on nothing other people can see. For feedback, we giving our appreciation for the "feedback" not for the "people". Also, upvote/downvote for user would be really bad, and maybe toxic, or can be use as an harassment (bad english sorry, i'm ESL)
  • Draco
    I gotta downvote this suggestion because the dislike button can easily be abused where people will mass dislike a user if they've done something wrong (or they didn't like) and use alternate accounts to dislike the account. Some people may assume these dislikes are legitimate and this user could be a troublemaker and may be moderated differently than others in some servers.
  • Dad

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