Add the Voice recording messages feature



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  • Alex_Lexon

    I think it`s a great idea. Sometimes you can't write or join to voice channel and wait until your friend(s) joins you, but still, need to tell a story. Voice message in text channel will be great for these situations.

  • 𝗖𝗹𝗶𝘁'

    Not the same, I can be on the train or with my friends and so I can't do cc at the moment, but audio messages it's ok

  • ProtoDelta
    technically you can already (using files) but I agree that a native way to handle that would be great.
  • Alex_Lexon

    Yep, of corse it's always possible to record all needed on recorder in phone, but voice messages are avaiable even in FB Messenger. It's would be really easier to implement this.

  • JKybett

    If this gets done, please make it something we can disable right from the start.

    Voice messages annoy me enough on private messages on WhatsApp. I would hate seeing them in my Discord Channels, especially when I have to worry about moderating the server.

  • charitwo
  • kwrim

    inb4 this gets closed too for being a "duplicate" of another thread, despite not being the same thing at all.

  • 3120_

    I also suggest this, plus:

    > make default not autoplay audio messages to all users

    > enable feature to autoplay audio messages from selected server or users

    > DND status: never autoplay audio messages

    > button to autoplay sequences of audio messages in a roll from same user

    > I'm not a nitro user, but i think i would be if this feature were only available to nitro users and maybe nitro boosted servers? Or even to just nitro users that boosted a determined server? But PLEAAAASE for ffs make this happen to $5 nitro because the dollar price here in Brazil is insane rn and i (and many others) would think it's a scam if it's only enable to nitro$10. Just a reminder that other apps (eg.: whatsapp, snapchat and many others) have this feature for free. So please think big. Maybe nitro users can record for longer times and have better audio quality? Idk, i hope you guys can figure this out.



  • May

    yes i agree


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