Reuse group call chats insted of creating a new one


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  • Blastoise186
    I completely understand the reason behind this one, not least because I've also had a huge number of Group DM's open which could have re-used an existing one. Likewise this causes my DM list to become heavily bloated as well. I think a potential solution here would be to offer you the option to re-use an existing Group DM if it looks like you're trying to add the same members that are in an existing one you have open. I'd probably like to see the option of choosing to re-use the suggested Group DM, pick one that appears to match (if several seem to exist) or ignoring the suggestions and launching a new one anyway.
  • Omegacreeper

    Just don't make a new one?
    Instead of always adding a member to your DM, call the group chat you already have so you can all move to that instead.


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