Possibility to have private chats in popup window


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  • nazz

    Definitely a great idea! We do have the in-game overlay for Discord if I recall correctly which shows a mini window, but it doesn't really work on browsers, just games - so it's kinda limited in a sense. I think a mini mode would just be ultimately better because in my head it'd have like more freedom than just whatever the game overlay wants to work with. (Sorry if I didn't make any sense but tl;dr i like your idea)

  • Krystalmyth

    It's a bit old fashioned but I'd really like this myself. At least the option. This way when I get home I can see a flashing window with a name on it on my task bar. Much like the old days. I'd love better notifications myself and definitely a separation between users and servers. As it stands it's way easy to just miss DMs. Flashing notifications and the ability to set our own tones would be nice too but, oh well.


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