Text Substitutions on Desktop


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  • JPBBerry

    I don’t think this is really a discord thing, substation is manager by your operating system, and phones have them built in. Though if you really wanted too I’m sure there’s some application out there that has automatic text replacement!

  • Storm Crow

    Why the hell is this downvoted? This is, in fact, something needs to be supported by Discord. It's a built in macOS feature. Works on Slack, but not on Discord.

    As for anyone stumbling upon this post, I recommend you try Alfred a try. It works in Discord also.

  • Bruncky

    Chiming in because I stumbled upon this, as Storm Crow said. This most definitely needs to be implemented, but I think this post will not be seen because it's been downvoted so much.

  • mjo

    I agree, this is a feature I need a lot with Discord !

    Please upvote the post so it gets attention.

  • Booksy

    Yes this is a feature i 100% need !

    Please upvote

  • TalinS T8-4ever! 4mo+

    This definitely needs to be revisited! Why do I pay for discord when they won’t add simple features like this? I can’t find a single app on my MacBook that doesn’t use the built in text replacement system except discord!

  • natural

    Yes, at least make it part of Nitro... pretty please!

  • Ted

    It's especially confusing when switching between desktop and mobile since the mobile app *does* use standard text input so replacements are honored. Not to draw unwanted comparisons, but Slack supports this even with the rich text box. It can't be that difficult.

  • mikki♡

    I remembered I could do that sometime ago, but after a few Discord updates, I can't do that anymore. I really need this to be fixed / implemented. Thnkies lots! 

  • Bruncky

    This is a limitation that Apple introduced at some point, which requires devs to specifically implement text replacement in their apps and explicitly ask the user for permission to use them. Discord is having some trouble catching up to that limitation.

  • mikedvzo

    When you are group together with MS Teams you know it is an issue! Fix it please along with native auto correct for spelling.  Discord like MS Teams does not implement the standard Mac OS context menus.

  • なうたん


  • spectralLixiewolf

    This would be incredibly useful.

  • cad0p

    This would make me switch from Telegram

  • Dee

    This is the single topmost annoyance of my everyday workflow. I use text replacements extensively and every time I get back to Discord, I have to pull up Spotlight, use my text replacement shortcut in that field, then copy the result and paste it in Discord. So annoying.

  • blowmage


  • nerdygothguy420

    This is indeed still an issue. It's not a macOS issue either. Text Replacement works in every single app except discord.

  • Ashleigh Pritchard

    Four years later and still an issue. For most people it's a convenience issue but for others it's an accessibility issue. FIX IT.


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