TTS on mobile


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  • Fritz_Schmitz

    Hello, yes please make it possible to listen to a chat channel via TTS on mobile. This is an urgend needed feature. Greets.

  • Fritz_Schmitz

    Text to speech for mobile please. I am using TTS chat output on mobile with a IRC client since about +10 years. Should be possible to create that function for the discord app aswell I guess.

  • DankDAD

    Yes. Why isnt this a feature already on mobile.??

  • Pf

    Make this feature available for mobile too

  • seasparrow

    Why wouldn't you have that feature on the mobile app??? You use your phone just as much as a laptop or desktop!!
    The vibration on the phone will be an asset!!

  • 🅱ig 🅱oy 🅱🅰trucc

    I mean, I would like it on mobile, with the caveat that you can turn it off just on your phone and not on your pc. Imagine you're in a library with your phone muted and your sound on, and one of your friends starts swearing in tts. This isn't a problem with your pc, as you're at home.

  • DankDAD

    Link to bot

  • DankDAD

    But do you need to be in a voice channel?

  • DankDAD

    Ah , nevermind then, you get an A for effort

  • TTS make Discord more interesting. Don't know for mobile, but for desktop users, this guide can help if there is any noob: 


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