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  • MyDogsEd

    Darklord300719 Just a tip: if you want to have the Devs look at your suggestions, always make sure that they are capitalized, punctuated, and have proper grammar. The Devs can't implement your feature if they can't read your post!

    And now, onto the actual answer. The Devs at Discord have two major reasons for the limit. They are:

    • Joining too many servers causes for too many notifications. Too many notifications would be very annoing, and could possibly crash Discord, and that's no fun.
    • Doing this would allow for the creation of too many servers, taking up valuable space on the (physical) server's hard drive. Too many servers for one person would not leave enough servers for the rest of the community.

    I really do hope you understand why the Devs put a limit. If you want to join more servers, try leaving old and inactive ones. We probably all have some of those!

    Happy Discording!


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