Disallow VPNS


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  • Ben!

    There are a lot of good reasons that people use vpns, they are used for more than just spamming and being annoying. They are very often for: security, speed, unblocking Discord in places where it is blocked (schools, offices, etc.) among others.

  • thetechguy
    there is something called right to privacy. VPNS is a tool for more privacy.
  • ks
    While VPNs might be used maliciously it's still not majority of use case. There are places where discord is blocked, such as schools or some countries where you can't acess discord because of policies on network. In addition vast majority of people use VPNs for privacy, it would be anooying to them to disable it to send one or two messages, would probably not only cause public outcry but also massive Exodus of members who will move to platforms that allow them to maintain their privacy
  • Timoteo

    I just had the unpleasant experience of being blocked by discord. Apparently it was for the use of a VPN which "bad actors" have used.

    "bad actors" "BAD ACTORS" I use using freaking Avast Secure Line VPN while on line like I have for about a year if not longer. I just got tonight a message saying that I was locked out of my account and couldn't go back in without "phone verification".

    "phone verification" I didn't use a phone number for my account! I've e-mailed Discord about this, and they won't freaking budge. Now I have to start from scratch. I have to rejoin servers where I've lost the links I could use to join them. And there were projects and stuff I was collaborating with people on there. Also, all the hassle trying to recover this account and understand what happened. Also, VPNs are important, do you realize how much Google tracks you. It's sickening.

    You people who whine about VPNs for the sake of avoiding spam make me sick. You can always message mods and block people if they are being a nuisance. But instead you want to take away peoples' freedoms of privacy, and make life harder for people like me who never spam. Shame on you! I'm happy I'm your 40th dislike. I hope you get more dislikes till you learn your lesson.

  • ㄖ乂乃ㄖ山┃DEVIL_OP✔

    How can i disallow vpn?

  • ks

    in reality you cant, there will always be VPN that discord doesnt know about, even if they block them all people can still host their own VPNs for malicious use. in reality blocking VPNs would hurt legitimate users more than spammers and similar

    Blocking VPNs as general thing is not feature of discord at time of me writting this response, and is unlikely to ever be one

  • Something I dislike about parts of this comment section is that some users are shaming this post and this user while they should be shaming the people who caused all this bad reputation onto the VPN community. While I do agree that users can use VPN's and should be able to use VPN's without any backlash because of it, I feel a good in-between is limiting the roles that can use VPN in a server and just like people have the right to privacy a server owner also has the right to block/disable the use of VPN's. Of course, Discord is better off allowing users to use VPN so they don't lose thousands of users, server owners should also have the ability to customize their servers much more to their liking especially now with the new updates/upcoming staff help/updates from Discord themselves.


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