Add 3rd Nitro Boost subscription plan


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  • Tomata

    True. Wumpus god, please!

  • Wandschränkli

    I feel quite strongly about this, because i have a server boosted to level 1 thanks to kind gifting of a friend, but i would never pay 10$ per month just for a server icon that doesn't even spin when passively selected and an invite splash that doesn't display on invites on the Discord client. Server boosting is really a chat perk (the benefits to servers from boost levels are literally perks to them, and guilds/servers are, after all, just big community chatrooms), so the classic subscription should include server boosting- if it did, i would be a subscriber. Honestly, i don't want any of the games on offer, and i think that having to pay extra, accessing them, should be a requisite only for those who actually want to, and not the many of us who just want server boosting.

    It's silly enough as it is that one should have to pay 20$ a month for the few, near-unnoticeable perks yolden from a level 1 server boost.

  • Will

    I was about to make a suggestion something like this, glad someone posted before me.


    Another suggestion for 4.99$ is to allow the user to select chat perks or server boost.


  • Bl4ckSh33p

    Boosting for the small nitro would be nice. I dont play on pc so I dont need the games and 100€/year just for a boost is quite expensive. :(


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