Custom Notification Sounds


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  • Bubbs

    Imagine being able to tell when your girlfriend is messaging you vs friends, or your various community channels.  Pretty Please Discord! 

  • Manavine

    @SkyLight Gaming
    I think what this guy means is the server itself isn't setting the notification, but you are.

  • element7

    Would like this very much. Distinction between servers is a great feature. Sometimes all I hear are discord notices but there are particular servers that I would like to pay close attention to. Sure I could de-prioritize other servers but it would be easier to just change the notification sound, hear a specific one, and say "hey! i need to check that"

  • Krystalmyth

    There a reason they can't actually acknowledge why this has been a requested feature for so long and they refuse to do it? I used to love their goofy patch notes every version. They obviously have their ear to the ground and know what people need... They speak their clients language, and understand what a good UI should look like.

    Yet you can't move where DMs appear. You can't have them popup into their own window, or make them float. Something ICQ has done since the 90s.  But this right here, is such a HUGE, HUGE problem, for anyone with many servers, it just dwarfs all that.

    I literally miss DMs for hours, notifications from groups for days, because they all sound the same. All of them. It's maddening, to know every single IM ever made has this feature and not Discord. Teamspeak and Ventrilo do this out of the box! ...  I mean, why?

    You guys want to make this a nitro feature? Is that it? Go for it. You can't blame people for wanting to use better APIs and then choke them on options. That's a backward way to go about it. All it will do is inspire competition, and don't think it isn't possible... you guys weren't here forever. Bigger IM platforms have fallen than this.

    Oh and quite frankly, the sound is terrible. It's so easy to ignore. Yeah, I get it, you guys want to be iconic. If you hear it on someones laptop or phone people go "Oh they're using Discord" just like Messengers PING sound. Guess what, stop being so vain. Isn't it enough that people use, and love your platform? Wouldn't making people happy, and being flexible, strengthen your brand  just as well if not more than some weak attempt at standardizing trademarks? What platform ever died because of something this ridiculous? People came to Discord because of the flexibility it offered. Don't go all Skype on us ffs.

  • Niclas

    There has to be a reason its not yet implemented because its such an obvious thing to have and has been requested for years, since discord was new.

  • Cazrep

    do not understand why this hasn't been implemented already. you know how many times i've been watching a stream and hear that discord sound thinking it was mine? Or hearing a ton of notifications and never being able to tell where its coming from. customizing direct message notifications or server notifications would completely eliminate this.

  • SkyLight Gaming

    Oh well that would make sense.


  • Tsu Shi

    What Manavine said.

    I know that it'd be abused if it was someone else setting your own notification sound effects.

    Sorry for the confusion.

  • Silverus

    In general there just needs to be more ways to customize Discord. If you're gonna threaten to ban people for using stuff like BetterDiscord, at least offer alternatives.

  • Sirnubsalot

    100% Agree with OP. I came here trying to see if Discord had a way to change the notification sounds in its settings anywhere!

  • Evelyn

    Please please please. I don't even care about getting different sounds for different servers I just care about changing the default notification sound to one that doesn't make me want to commit murder every time I hear it.

  • caucasian

    Honestly man, this would be awesome. I don't understand why they added server folders when they could've done this instead. I hope they are working on this.

  • Wonton

    i was just about to suggest something like this, i wanted to make a notification i can hear and tell apart from all my other games without the sound being blended into the background over game audio. while the discord blep is fine, its can use some fine tuning and adjusting, even user option for a .wav, .mp2, .mp3 or even the good old .midi would do it.

  • Megafreak


    would be really nice to have something like teamspeak's buddy sounds for people you select. It sucks having people you don't necessarily know and really good friends have the same message/call sound.

  • V3SSEL

    Honestly, I just want it so when someone leaves my channel, it says "User has left your channel" like in teamspeak. I always thought that was funny.

  • Sdna

    Implement server notification settings like ex:

    User Join - MomGetTheCamera.mp3
    User Leave - HeWasBadAnyway.wav


    Something like this would really feel unique to every discord user even it might be the minority. But then again, everyone's cell phones have different ringtones don't they?


    Either way. I'd love to see something like this added. Whether allowing you to change your notifications as a server-side notification or client-side. Some more customization is always appreciated.

  • Goldirocks96

    This is something I didn't know I wanted until just know... and now I need this!

  • BeLauxAverage

    I neeeeeeed this feature<3

  • ActionScripter

    I would appreciate this feature very much.  When you have several servers you want to get audio notifications for, but they have different levels of urgency, it's very annoying to just hear the default sound effect all the time.  Is it someone pinging?  Girlfriend sending a DM you should answer?  Someone posting dumb memes on an off-topic channel?  If you're full-screened or otherwise can't see the icon, there's no way to tell without tabbing over to Discord to check, which is far too disruptive to be doing every time a message shows up.  

  • Tsu Shi

    Crazy how much traction this got and it hasn't been implemented yet, while there was a suggestion that had 24 likes and got implemented. Hopefully Discord notices the desire for custom notification sounds! :(

  • Zuratu

    Just here to bolster numbers, I've also emailed the discord feedback team directly, since the requests for this on the site seem to be largely ignored.

    When you have multiple users with Discord in the same area (or you're watching a YouTuber who uses it and leaves the notification sound in their videos) it is basically impossible to know, without checking, who the notification was even for. Even just offering a few preset options for the default notification sound would be a decent solution to this. Obviously fully allowing people to choose or provide their own default notification tone would be the best solution.

    The ideas for call join and leave sounds customization sounds neat too!

  • vlad.eth

    I would really like that feature too, this is not so hard to implement.

    We have to be able to distinguish "work" and "hobbies" servers more easily, not all of them requiring the same degree of attention.

  • Tenox

    I can't tell difference between mute and unmute notification. It's driving me nuts.

  • GoldenJeans37

    I really want this because I want to have "ZA WARUDO" as my notification sound for a ping. This would be a really cool feature to add!

  • Zettabyte

    This feature is indeed needed. Will be so helpful with custom sounds f.ex when somone is tagging you, or a different sound set for different channels etc. Please consider :)

  • Vio


  • Langus (AB)


  • herooftheday

    please make this happen...


    I've set different sounds on Telegram and that helps me a lot to identify a standard message, a very important message from one special channel, or someone who's trying to contact me.

    Also, to make this really helpful, it would be best if one can set different sounds to different channels on a server. There are channels on the same server which i don't need a sound for and others where it would be really usefull to have a sound which remindes you the check the message asap.




  • Romanowski

    Can we please????? I've been a Nitro for a while man...


    Please add this feature! I start hearing ghost notifications when there's nothing there! Need a new sound!


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