Discord gives me 5000ms ping


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  • MrxWhite

    I am having this same issue today. Worked all day yesterday without a problem. Now im getting RTC error, No route, or when it does connect its at 5000 ms ping. Its made this unusable on PC


  • Cody

    I'm having this issue as well starting just this evening.

    • Randomly, between 2-15 min of talking the ping shoots to 5000ms.
    • Others in the channel can still here me, but I cannot hear them. My icon lights up green, theirs do not.
    • Disconnecting and reconnecting fixes it for another 2-15 min.
    • No Outbound packet loss.
    • Changed the server from central to south did not fix the issue.
    • No other programs experience any disconnections, only Discord.
  • Filipe

    Me too!
    But mine I can talk normally, but after a few minutes or hours, I just can't hear anyone but they can hear me, and discord says i'm with 5000ms, when I quit call and enter again, ping is back to normal!

  • blindshilo

    This has been happening to me since this week.
    Everything will be working fine, no stutters or robotic sound, and then I realize I can't hear anyone. I disconnect from my server and reconnect. That seems to fix the problem for a while until I realize I can't hear anyone again. Happens about every half hour maybe?

    I have a wired connection. I seem to average 20 ms on Discord. Server: us-west847
    My internet speed is:
    309.2 mbps download
    11.3 upload

    Here's what the 5,000 ms spike looks like:

  • Afan

    me too have the same problem with 5000ms ping but others can hear me fine but i hear them like robotic static that doesn't feel right and it happened 3 days, i already check my internet too but it's fine for example i play COD MW with discord opened and its run smoothly. so i guess it's just a discord problem, gonna try to reinstall discord to fix this

  • okeaoska

    same like me even i try to reinstall discord nothing happened 

  • Trafalgar Law

    Ive had this issue since last month 


    the solution is , u disconnect and reconnect spamming for 1 min to 303030 hours depending on your luck 


    i massaged discord staff and they replied ( your hardware is way too good for discord to run , we still need to do more updates )


    Good joke right ? 


    and the solution is , 


    • TeamSpeak.
    • Troop Messenger.
    • HeySpace.
    • Slack.
    • Mumble.
    • Flock.
    • Overtone.
  • jisutaeh

    yeah i'll be in vc and it'll be fine for awhile but all of a sudden i go to 5000 ping in ONLY discord and i can't hear anybody but they can hear me fine. i disconnect then reconnect and it's normal again but then repeats a few more times. pretty much happens every day and it's annoying :(((

  • quisario

    I've got the same issue as Kolorado.  Where the connection is red on my PC, ping count is around 5000ms.  I can hear people perfectly fine, but no one can hear me.  This has been happening for weeks.  I thought it was an issue with my mic or antivirus software blocking my mic, but after numerous tests I've realized it's discord related.  When I connect to discord via my phone using wifi on the same network there is no problem.

  • Smokey Brown

    I have the exact same problem thats been happening for a few weeks. My internet is fine and other services like zoom work with no problems. 

  • Izelin

    I had this same issue a few months back, never solved it just went away one day. Now, as of yesterday it's back. I'll connect, everything will work fine for maybe a couple minutes before it shoots to 5000ms ping out of nowhere when I'm averaging 70-80ms. 

    It'd be nice to get literally any information on why this is happening because I've certainly not found any solution yet. My friends and I like using discord but at this rate between my issues and some problems others are encountering it might be easier just to switch back to teamspeak.

  • Bildt

    Also having the same problem, dont have a solution. Wishing for this to get attention so it gets fixed.

    Teamspeak works perfectly, internet is up. Just discord. Disconnecting and connecting over and over again usually fixes it short-term, maybe 3-4 times and then I can hear them.

  • adems

    same issue as everyone here, been happening for a while. 100% discord related.

  • Dictator Banana

    People, I figured it out. It worked for me too. Enter your modem. Turn off ipv6 from security status. Take the security level to medium. Open cmd. respectively "Ipconfig/flushdns" "ipconfig/release" "ipconfig/renew" follow these procedures. Turn the modem off and on.

  • Madara

    pls fix it i cant play man lol


  • brokenbutter

    same here. my ping went 5000 about week now. im already called my ISP to reset my port, but still the same.

  • mooka666

    Encountering the same issues reported here. Been happening for the last couple weeks. 

    Others can hear me, I cannot hear others. Inet speed and connection is good. 

  • SickFish

    I am having same problem... POR FAVOR FIX NOW DISCORD

  • Hyou

    I am deeply saddened by having this issue plague my usage of discord. I hope an immediate investigation is launched for this issue.

  • Vibby

    This just started for me today. It goes to 5000 ping and just stays there, no matter if I move the server to another place.


    I used to have PERFECT connection to Discord and now this has happened out of the blue. I also get RTC problems and No Route errors at random, only for the client to connect just fine a minute later. I have no idea how to troubleshoot this.

  • Chapati

    I have had the same issue for so long. God I hope this gets fixed. Does anyone know if the issue goes away is using the web?

  • Kolorado

    Same issue with ping spikes to 5000. Only difference is my friends dont hear me at all when it happens

  • Dad

    I'm having the same issue for 2 weeks now. Every couple of seconds my ping shoots up to 800+ resulting in my team mates unable to make out what I'm saying....very roboty. They sound roboty for me also a lot of the time. I've spoken with my ISP and have concluded that it's nothing regarding them however when we did some ping tests and tracer routes with the discord IP we were monitoring high packetloss / ping spikes. I've tried everything...updated every driver I have, updated bios, run I'm administration mode, re installed standard version as well as PTB, I've monitored performance in task manager and nothing is anywhere near maxing out. I'm completely lost for answers. It seems to be a connection issue between myself and discord, my ISP reset my IP address and it's worth noting i get the same issue regardless. It seems it's started to happen to a few of us all of a sudden, I sincerely hope hey can fix this ASAP

  • Adam0047

    Exactly the same here

  • Kébbeck

    Same error here, yesterday I was using discord perfectly fine with my friends and this morning when I connected to a voice chat on my server I had problems such as RTC Connecting or no route and when I finally managed to connect to a voice chat I constantly got 5000ms pings with some periods of normal connection with an average 60-80ms.

    I tried everything that could have been tried and yet nothing solved the problem, it just works whenever it wants but just for short periods of time (like a couple of minutes or so).


  • krona

    Same problem, 5000ping then sometimes once every 3min it works fine for 5s then back to 5000ping. They sometimes they can hear me but i can't hear them. The problem stared randomly today.

  • Kneph (Jager)

    I am having the same 5000ms problem as everyone else. If I leave and join channel it will insta fix it for a few minutes.  I also just now noticed that while in channel it shows the red 5000ms, but while in the debug screen it will show me at my normal 35'ish ms.  I'm not sure if anyone else has said this but everyone else in my server as no problem talking with each other.  This can't be my internet or a server issue something as to be bugged some where. All other Voip services work fine.

  • Alosh55

    100% will solve ur problem. 

  • haeydra.

    I think I found a solution or an alternative.

    I started using Discord on the browser and it's working fine so far.

  • alekz


    Yeah im on the webbrowser version for about 3 months now... but it kinda sucks tbh... Discord needs to adress this problem asap.


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