Linux - Screen Share Sound Support


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  • lvminary | Nico

    I agree. Gaming on Linux is very important to support now.

  • Dmitri

    I do want to see the audio screen sharing feature on Linux! :)

  • DavidoLine

    If hope they will support Pipewire in the future.

    I think it should enable audio streaming support for single windows.

  • DavidoLine

    Sadly, Discord doesn't even support streaming a Chrome browser tab an Linux. Neither does it on Windows afaik. Other websites like Jitsi support it.

    It may work in the future, if they decide to update the Electron version Discord is using and update their webapp (I'm not sure about that).

  • DavidoLine

    Actually, Discord seems to support streaming browser tabs with audio. Thanks!

  • Midzhar

    I agree.
    It's kinda frustrating have to boot to windows whenever I want to share my gameplay or anything else.

  • PabloGod

    Please enable share audio in Linux!!!

  • pink

    I would really like to see this fixed soon, it is kinda getting annoying when i want to show someone something but they cant hear it :(

  • Mannywy

    I have been wanting to stream audio on Linux as well. :( My friend who is using chrome OS which is based on Linux does allow the sharing of audio but actual Linux distros we can't get that to work. 

    So sad. I've been trying the Discord PTB and Discord Canary versions as well just to see if one of those gets that one update that will let me share audio on Linux. 

  • DavidoLine

    Currently application audio can be redirected using Soundux: (It just mixed the application sound with the microphone).

    The Discord devs may want to have the look Soundux source code which somehow captures the application audio. Or they could somehow support PipeWire ( in the future. (Does Electron support PipeWire?)

  • Earth Walker


  • toyeLinux

    2021 and screen-share and wayland with issues ? c'mon !

  • swirl

    wayland issues is because it's running under Xwayland

  • Overlord


  • Kortrat

    This is one of the biggest reasons I'm still using Windows. God, please fix so I can just move to Arch full-time.

  • Alve

    This is entirely possible with pulseaudio too, an example of how this could work is the program Soundux

  • fucktard

    Such a simple feature that should already be implemented, they can't just say "oh hey you can screen share on Linux now, but we half assed the job and didn't bother implementing audio streaming lol" what a joke.

  • Nunuchu42

    Yes please!! 

  • Mannywy

    On Google Chrome and I would believe in any chromium based browser there is a flag for pipewire where you can use pipewire to display stuff. Don't know the details of it. But maybe Discord can somehow add that feature soon in discord. What I really want is to share audio because sharing my display is something I can do kinda but no audio. I'm sure most if not everyone are having the issue as well. 

  • raphaeljames


  • parsley

    it doesnt even need to be neat, just allow us to have a separate audio stream when we go live that we could route audio to, that's the bare minimum that would make a lot of people happy

  • JoeJoeTV

    I would also really appreciate if this would be supported.

  • Leetsch2002

    Gaming on linux is a real thing, I'm using Linux as a daily driver and I love discord. But I hate it when people say things like "linux is crap" "linux is not as good as windows" and then I try to clarify that this might not be the case, but when I want to stream a single monitor or a windows with sound, I can't do that.
    I would really love to see this feature on Linux because it is very powerful and there are so many things you can do with it.

  • Alve

    Leetsch2002, just so you know, Single monitor screen sharing works in discord canary since about one month :)

    Hopefully sound will follow soon

  • Klairm

    Please, sound  in screen sharing on Linux is really needed

  • nico.

    You can use Soundux as a workaround to share an application's sound.

  • Flarestar

    Please finally support this. It is a hassle no one can ever hear anything I'm streaming in Discord.. And Game-Streaming is pretty pointless without Audio.

  • Iso

    These days I'm quite sure gaming on Linux is more common then mac. But Linux still never receive things before mac

  • nico.

    Iso I also feel like this but the Steam Survey doesn't confirm this

    See (click on OS Version)

  • Hovushka

    Well, Mac has it now and it doesn't support even a fraction of games that linux does. Would be nice to have this feature here as well, especially since Pipewire is a thing and can help with porting the functionality.


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