Green Camera Bug.


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  • 桜HandyAndy乂

    I have the same issue..

  • no1r

    same issue here, it works fine on the discord web tho

  • Itachi_sama

    I have the same issue too, the camera work fine in other , like zoom, google meeting, discord website version

  • DumbSenpai *_*

    I have the same issue, i tries reinstalling discord too didn't work, 
    Even my cam works in other apps like zooms, teams, google even in the cam app 
    but it shows kidda green screen in the cam preview
    plzzzzz Help



  • Vitão

    the only way I was able to solve this problem was to use the web discord. Sorry for my english.

  • Leyer ay лол

    Did you find the solution guys?


  • Moe

    I have the same problem. I found a funny solution.

    when the camera is open and you see it all green, click on the green button (bottom left) video to turn off the camera and immediately click again on the same button to immediately turn the camera back on. (so you double click on it)

    wait a few seconds, and repeat the process 2-3 times.

  • Dexortes

    Rapid clicking on "camera" button during the call will fix it. The bad thing is you must do it every time.


    wow, I can't believe it's work. I pressed like 6 times in a row and suddenly it worked 😂. But the moment I turned it off the green screen returned..

    So any other solution? it feels like it succeeded accidently😮

  • Moe

    I don't think it's such a big inconvenience.

    Open the camera = green screen> double click on video, voila.

    The whole thing takes about 2-3 seconds and you are good for the whole session.

    But if you found a better solution, don't hesitate to share it


    Doesn't work😅

  • Mephisto

    rapid-clicking worked fine here! thanks!

    It's kinda ridiculous bug. Works fine without any workarounds in the browser but show only the green screen in the windows app. After making the rapid-click thing for many times, i've tried a few times using 4-clicks. So it worked for now. thanks!

    For the developers, please fix it! I'm a software developer too I would be ashamed if I had that kind of bug in my software. :(

  • Lucy ♡

    If you run discord in administrator mode it works perfectly

  • !AGaetano


  • k0viid

    It worked for me with a 4-click method. It's kinda frustrating tho...

  • Anes

    i try many time click method but didnt work

  • rasbens

    I tried the rapid clicking method too but it broke my discord. 


  • Kentonio

    You can get around this using OBS virtual camera.

  • Ozymandias

    Kentonio - Ironically I am using OBS virtual camera and this issue is occurring with all my systems regardless if using Xsplit VCam or OBS virtual camera or even a normal camera.


    For anyone experiencing this - and finds this thread. I am having the issue I will see double of myself taking up 1/4 of the top screen. The rest of the screen shows solid green and I have confirmed it is not an OBS Issue. When using other virtual cameras or just normal direct web cam, you will show up as normal however the others on the call will see that you are constantly frozen and will randomly update the frame to just freeze again.

    Currently the only workaround that works is: You need to do the double click fast on the webcam button. 

  • Ozymandias

    Additionally in my testing - please disable H.264 Hardware Acceleration - but you can keep the OpenH264 Video Codec. This really improves these issues.

  • paiqkun

    I found a solution which was a try an error. i just go to device manager and uninstall my usb camera driver , after that i plug it in back and goes to discord setting to make sure the camera it connected to my usb camera. then i just turn on my camera on a call and boom its not green anymore.Hope this helps!


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