Nikon Webcam Utility Crashes Discord


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  • fredson

    I also have this issue with my D5600. Please advise on how to fix.

  • CinemaEric

    I can confirm that this is happening to me as well using version 1.0.1 on Windows with the Z6. The workaround I've found is to create a virtual camera using NDI or OBS, but that introduces some lag.

  • Blink-182

    Same here


  • Bahammuld

    Same here. It's a problem with the app itself. Works perfectly fine on Discord Browser with D3500. You should try it. 

  • TheNeurology

    I have the same problem with my Z7II. So also the newest Nikon cameras cause this problem.


    So nobody found a solution yet?

    anyone from discord reading this?

  • CeeDubH

    I'm not even getting video in Discord. I can see the video through Roll20, but not through the Discord app.


    CeeDubH I had the same issue, I tried to run discord as administrator and put the camera on manual then it worked. It still crashes everytime... (sorry for my grammatical mistakes)

  • Fuegato

    Is there still no fix for this?

  • RPGhogger

    Still doesn't work with desktop version 

  • IorekBear

    Still, works on the web browser but not in the desktop application.
    A fix would be pretty nice. I also use a Nikon D5600. I noticed also that the autofocus stops working until I switch it off and back on again on the lense or swap to another mode (auto to manual or aperture priority etc). Even if I switch the camera to full auto it crashes after a few seconds. I have now decided to use the OBS virtual camera work around. Not ideal but it works. Still has the auto focus issue however.

  • strawbone

    Please someone help us with this


  • convex

    I have this issue with D7500. Please fix.

  • ayanematrix

    Not trying to necropost, but this problem does not appear to have been fixed at all on the latest version of Discord and with the utility being at 1.0.2. Using OBS as a virtual camera does mitigate it, but the stream from the camera itself crashes immediately in a call, but stays up for a bit while in preview.

  • Fuegato

    Looks like they fixed the issue with the latest webcam utility.


  • convex

    I just tested. Mine still crashes.

    Camera: D7500

    Nikon webcam utility version:

    Discord version: Stable 105304 (5f6effe) Host 1.0.9003 Windows 10 64-Bit (10.0.22000)


    Btw, I tried everything with customer support, nothing worked. Finally they replied that my camera is not compatible, which is not likely since web version works fine.


    It would appear that the said camera is not compatible with Discord and is thus causing the issue.

    We're trying our best to make sure everything is compatible with the app but since each device have different software, we're not able to achieve it.

    We sadly, can't do anything for now but I will surely forward this to our team to see what we can do in the future.



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