Go Live Overlay Privacy


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  • Alipoodle

    This is an issue that doesn't effect all games.
    Some games cannot be captured by hooking directly into the game and will capture the whole window instead show any overlay with it.

    This is down to which Video Engine it's using to work and can sometimes be a bit of a hit or miss which method it tries to use.

    But I agree would be nice to allow more games to properally have it not show on.

  • DeemTheHero

    I see... I always assumed since screen sharing itself in discord allowed you to choose the direct source that it would do so without showing the overlay (assuming it would be classified as as an outside source). Didn't know it still showed up in a few sources within the normal screen sharing function and thought Go Live would also separate it.

    The Go Live page explains:"Go Live has also been integrated with our Overlay!" This kind of makes me feel like it should be able to exist apart from it as if you didn't have overlay enabled in the first place, so I hope more options come in the future for Go Live/Screen-sharing like hiding overlay from the stream. Kind of weird watching/having a stream and suddenly have all of these private messages shown on screen just because they/you wanted to take advantage of the convenient chat overlay.


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