why is discord so dogshit all the time? i have had one issue or another literally every single day for the last 4 years


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  • Ebiko

    This "feedback" is no feedback at all , it's just crying.

    You don't even provide basic details on what your issue is.
    Don't expect anything to change with this post.

  • 9lives

    Okay, how about this for a complaint. I don't agree with the DOGSHIT images that discord places in my posts for dead links. I am completely offended by the DOGSHIT images that I see on discord posts constantly. If the CEO has a shit fetish please keep it to himself and stop making everyone have to look at DOGSHIT images. I don't want to see discord's DOGSHIT fices or poop images for any reason. 

    This platform is the worst pile of shit in the universe. It is very fitting that DOGSHIT images should appear everywhere in the app. I wonder if discord corporate office HQ smells like shit since it's full of it.


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