Screen sharing on macOs not showing any application


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  • Filip

    You need to allow Discord to share your screen, the setting is somewhere in Privacy and Security in your System Preferences

  • Nerdocalypse

    make sure to click the lock at the bottom

  • matiasistheimpostor

    Thanks guys! that was it

  • jennyfromtheblock

    yall are gods thank you ive been having this problems for months now and this fixed it


  • sammiwolk

    what lock? pls help omg

  • Siyi

    Guys try to open the stream on the Discord Chrom version and the privacy setting alert will pop out so that you will figure out how to unlock in System Preference.

  • Mary.

    Can you please help me, i didn't find where is "allow Discord to share your screen" ?

  • shirs

    system pref > security & privacy > screen recording > check on discord. (unlock at the bottom to make changes).  this should help.

  • hsien

    OMGod, I was almost gonna buy a Surface pro just for this small setting issue....I've been thinking it was because my Air is too old.....(2015) Works like a champ after the change! 
    Thanks so much!

    Dear Discord team, it would be nice if you can pop-up a warning saying something about this like other apps.:P

  • JK_Jkob

    I cant find the screen recording option in privacy can anyone help me

  • edgepods

    You gotta try and share your screen from the browser version then it will ask you to change the settings to allow discord to record your screen

  • Jimmy Yang

    Hi im on mac os 10.13 and i can't find the screen recording option in security and privacy pls help 

  • Levante

    Jimmy Yang Got the same problem. Discord never asks the system/user if it is okay to share the screen. Reinstalled twice to see if I missed a message but even in sys-pref under screensharing discord is not shown or even greyed out. This is crap Discord! Even worse. You guys aren't reacting to my support ticket since weeks! Even more worse as I'm in a coding bootcamp and need to rely on that function! It's as bad as it get's.

  • Levante

    So anybody here who has a solution for Catalina users? Nope, with catalina it doens't work via discord online to trigger the system to give permission to share the screen. It's only in the browser.

  • WhyDoYou

    ive been using discord on mac for a year or so, and 2 days ago i started having the same issue but i allowed discord to share screen. im using macOS 11.3.1 and thats first time that happen (reinstalled 2 times, didnt worked) anyone have ideas to solve that?

  • DarkKnight9013

  • Lina ツ

    same problem for me,
    I allowed screen sharing and the sound application!
    why isn't it working no matter what I have open on my laptop???

  • bruv


    I cant as well even if i have other applications open


  • Shu He

    I solve this problem by turning on the setting of share screen on Mac 

  • Ihab Mtoor

    DarkKnight9013 Lina ツ

    So try minimizing both the application and discord to be able to select an application to stream.


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