Revert changes to Markdown code-boxes


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  • BumpkinVVitch

    I use code boxes mainly for large chunks of descriptive text and this makes them totally unreadable and super hard to copy-paste!

  • Zeal

    ^ Same. I use them to help explain chunks of a game, or sometimes explain information to other people since embedded text is easy to read and spot. Now, it's basically useless and looks terrible.

  • FF

    How about three backticks = old behavior (no scrollbar) and four backticks = scrollbar?

  • Errilhl

    At least make this a setting - or, as FF suggested, use 3 or 4 backticks for the behaviour you want (personally, I'd say this is definitely a "use scrollbars or wrap for code blocks" setting for each user to select for themselves.

  • Void, the Violet Knight

    I agree completely, I hate the scrolling text thing. It's pointless too. Why would anyone have wanted this function? What's the use of it? It's not like Discord is coding software.

  • spidernoir

    This is super inaccessible to people with disabilities. Good job, Discord.

  • LunaLucid

    Discord has many servers dedicated to game development though. And wrapped code is a bit awkward to decipher so when speaking of literal code blocks, it's useful to keep things spaced and lined up as they were pasted in. Other than that, there is the quote formatting option or possibly requesting more formatting features. 

  • BaroqueAbroad

    While I'd imagine it's true that wrapped code is a pain in the neck, Luna, the opposite is similarly awkward for a number of the other purposes those boxes have had, especially since said boxes are one of only two sources for monospaced text Discord has, and the other in bulk . . . well, try a single ` at the start and end of a long post and you can see why it doesn't look terribly stellar by comparison.

    As someone who uses code boxes for story purposes in writing with friends, ones which the quote formatting option doesn't really work well for in my opinion, I know I'd prefer some of the above suggestions to being forced to personally force new lines -- especially since that's invariably not going to work for everyone, since not everybody has the same size of monitor and so at some people will end up with scrollbars and others will end up seeing a big ol' space on the right of the post.

    A setting or added quirk of behavior -- to either provide both options for people or allow people to choose which they want -- honestly feels like the best solution considering how different people have different things they want out of code boxes, and I'd imagine such solutions would satisfy both sides of the issue nicely.

  • LunaLucid

    Yeah, and I haven't used these code blocks for much else other than actual code snippets so I guess it would be helpful to have multiple choices as to how to display the text you want rather than just one way. 

  • Meta

    Yeah I see these boxes used for creative writing a lot; these don't work when used for a couple of paragraphs! Really hope they change this back soon because it's pretty unbearable in a lot of situations. I'm fine with maybe having a new feature with the scroll bar, but doing this has messed with a lot of stuff already.

  • Nixill

    Chiming in with more agreement on accessibility issues. The fact that this is a heavily debated feature (on both sides) could mostly be resolved with something really simple: A client-side option.

  • Kristal Moonhand

    Yeah, most of the TTRPG servers I'm in use code boxes to post quotes from spells or the like. This is just awful, and has also broken some of the bots we use to look up game rules. I don't know anyone who actually uses Discord's code boxes to actually code.

  • LunaLucid

    Well you don't code directly into the code blocks, you use it to quote/copy/share code with people who are asking for coding help in coding servers. 

  • Void, the Violet Knight

    This is already the most upvoted feed I've seen on this part of the forums thus far, and yet there's still no word from the Discord devs. Not even a standard "We'll consider it" or anything like that, just silence. They're usually pretty quick...

    EDIT: The only thing I could find that was higher voted than this was an emoji sizes slider and I don't even think I saw an answered flag on that, but it had 292 upvotes. It kinda feels like the Answered tags will just be redirects to existing threads...

  • ZephyrSolace

    The scrollbar makes the code blocks practically non-functional for anyone who wants to attempt to use them or learn how to start using them. Suffering is eternal, life is pain, huff your nitro subscription.

  • Wandering Knight

    I'm keen on the idea of adding this via four ` marks to allow the scroll bar, and leaving the existing three ` marks as they were before the update. I think the scroll bar is useful and I will definitely like it going forward, but it doesn't outweigh the usefulness of the previous way it was handled and would likely see me using it less in the future due to how messy it will be to format boxes to avoid the scroll bar.

  • Teetengee

    This is the worst thing you've done. Please revert as soon as possible.

  • RichyRich515

    I own a discord bot that uses code blocks to display aligned data:
    Here is how it used to appear

    And here is how it appears now:

    This change has completely broken them.
    Let alone actual code blocks look terrible, all spacing is removed, can't imagine copy pasting in some python code.

  • LunaLucid

    I'm not sure how you got that result but I've been copying Python code fine into the updated code block boxes. It hasn't removed any spacing.

  • RichyRich515

    @LunaLucid are you sure you're on the most recent update for desktop? Earlier today it was fine, but I restarted discord about 20 minutes ago and this issue appeared.

  • LunaLucid

    Okay, so I updated again and it has removed the horizontal scrollbar but does indeed also remove formatting/spacing from code. 

  • charitwo
    This needs to go back to the old way, this is pretty terrible
  • raldios

    I just got the word wrap back, but whitespace is not preserved as others have said.


  • Void, the Violet Knight

    I'm still boggled as to why this even happened.

  • goomy!

    hi! i'm here to second this!

    thank you discord devs for your tireless work in keeping things up and running — with this update, however, i'm not sure if anybody who has ever used markdown had the thought "it would really help if this was all on one line"! this makes most of the content i type unreadable at a glance :(

    thanks for your consideration!

  • David (StiltzkinKupo84)

    My tabletop RPG session came to a grinding halt over this issue today.  At first, all the text appeared just as I had left it. Then, I clicked on a map image and tried to zoom in on it to read the picture text to parse out a location on the map. Then I zoomed back out, and boom... text lines 200 miles long!  I am too impatient of a customer to want to deal with learning how to best use your shitty new format. I can just go to some other social media tool to run my ttrpg. And I believe I speak for 95% of your customer base. Cuz let's face it, people are lazy, and we like it the way it's always been. I know your knees don't get to shaking when one lazy customer doesn't like something. But I do not represent just one customer. I admin a facebook group of 75k+ users who have been using Discord as a way to organize the playing of video games and ttrpgs together. If this problem is not resolved and made more user-friendly for my community, (many of whom feel zero need to become more technically-skilled) then we will encourage everyone we know to start using some other tool that does exactly what you do. And we already know of some tools like that. They just don't have the cool "gamer flavor" in all of their colors and fonts. But for our purposes, we would rather use a nerdy "business" interface to play our games the way we always have, than try to fit in with the "Gamer crowd" and have our actual gaming quality hamstrung by frustrating new developments. In short: Don't piss off the masses! Revert now. Your time's a'wasting!


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