Discord Idea new feature playtime tracking.


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  • PiPinecone
    I love this idea! It’s always fun when I see how long I have played a game (even if it seems like an unhealthy amount).
  • Laxxius

    This is my most wanted feature.

  • Horizon

    Discord is the only large platform I know of that can pull this off.

    Meaning recording play times for any game on your computer, and your friends times(I suggest they have an option to share it).

    Steam can work but is not seamless, you have to manually add every game to track its play time.

    On discord, it could potentially work on any game, just as it does now with "playing a game X for Y minutes" when opening a friend's profile.

    So saving that information and possibly doing cool stuff with it, has enormous potential in my mind. Some of the stuff that I suggest could be done:

    -Personal playtime board(which game you played the most and for how long)

    -Having discord "nudge" you about playing for more than a certain amount you've set up(tell me when I play more than 4 hours straight)

    -A Scoreboard for any game where you can see all of your friends playtime including yourself(when any player can enable\disable playtime sharing).

    I think that would be really awesome and enjoyable to use, and more importantly really a great tool to track in a healthy way, your good and bad habits in playing games and building a more informed state of mind about that.


    Thank you!


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