Timezone Markdown


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  • kaosaxis

    I agree

  • Draylynn

    Is this in the works at all? This is a very much requested feature.

  • Alian713

    Such A simple yet useful idea!!!! Please do add this

  • 2dozen22s

    yes pls

  • Strionic Resonator

    Any update on this? As someone who is not in the US, I have to deal with manually converting timezone-based announcements to my local time.

    Atlassian's Confluence has this built-in: you can type double backslash ("\\") then either enter the date in the server's current format OR use the calendar date picker. This then adds the date in a macro that displays the date in the user's local DateTime format. In my case, the confluence server I use uses the same date/time format I use, but trust that the second screenshot reflects whatever your device is set to.

    To capture the time, Discord could add a couple of text boxes under the calendar to capture the time (entered as 12- or 24-h time, but is displayed in the user's preference).


  • rena

    as an european with a lot of american-located friends this would mean a lot to me

  • solus

    I've seen quite a few MMO guilds use discord, and they usually have members from all over the world. This feature is a no-brainer for scheduling in-game meetups and events.


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