Show all mutual friends/servers on a server


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  • Vacades

    There is a feature like this already. Right click on their name and click profile, under that is the mutual servers and friends

  • cyn

    (In reply to Reg) It is needlessly cumbersome in servers with hundreds of people to check every individual profile. It would be neat and useful to see a page with all profiles that share other servers with you.

  • T_nology

    I agree with this suggestion. It would take literally years to click every user one-by-one to see their mutual servers on a popular server with 10,000+ people, or even a semi-popular server with around 1,000 people.

  • AgentDerpking

    I agree. This would be very useful to me for finding exploiters.

  • Diablos

    I also agree. I would really want to see people who have common servers than me without right clicking for each profile.


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