Project Artemis integration for Discord


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  • HeroGamers

    That seems like a really nice project, but at the same time I can't help but notice the possible privacy concerns, and possible false flags, which might cause some of the userbase to feel unsafe, especially in DM's, where they want that extra privacy.

    As mentioned, for DM's it could apply to users who have safe direct messaging enabled, or make it a seperate switch (which is enabled by default, and can be turned off, if you agree to be over the age of 18).

    But, as these things can also happen on guilds, then maybe it would be a good feature for guilds who have their moderation settings to scan content, or make it a seperate switch. Of course this wouldn't scan NSFW channels, as those are already marked as being 18+. Then, if Project Artemis flags a message as grooming, then depending on the rating that Artemis gives the message, it would either notify the moderators of said guild, who can verify whether it's grooming or not (and if verified, ban said member and report messages to T&S), or if the rating is high enough, report directly to T&S.

  • Darkness

    To have chois in account settings

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