Nitro monthly server boost with yearly subscription


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  • Shu Rimm「Nepu」

    I agree with this one. 
    Just became a one year nitro sub, as it's cheaper, but planned to do so while getting the monthly boost.
    But realized that now that I'm a yearly sub, I can no longer buy the monthly boost.

    Would really like to see this be something that we can choose if we'd want the monthly or yearly boost, no matter whether we're yearly or monthly nitro subs. 
    Otherwise, I most likely won't ever get a 3rd boost.

  • A5SecondLetdown

    I 100% agree. I find it irritating that I can’t get monthly now that I have the yearly nitro sub. Would love to see if upgrading my server to level 2 or 3 would be worth it but no way in h**l I’m spending that much money on a years worth of boosts for a service I may not prefer. Would love to see this changed

  • chc

    I don't understand why I can't buy monthly boosts, even at a higher rate than the annual boosts. I just want to prop up a server short term until it grows.

  • AlphaChannel

    FYI for Discord business folk: Because of this issue I am declining to boost the server I am currently connected to to level 1. If I had a monthly option, I would have paid you $6.98 right now. Instead I am paying $0.00


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