Option to Long Press on Users' Names to Get Their Mention


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  • GameGlitz

    This is a very logical idea, I would also like to bring up my own idea:

    Swipe a message to left: Makes a sliding animation, followed by quoting the message.

    Swipe a message to right: Mentions/Pings the user, @username.

  • nigel

    Long press for mention would be soooo much better!

    Left/right swiping isn't possible, nor logical, because then the only way to open the left sidebar (servers/channels) would be with the back button and no way to open the right sidebar (member list/channel topic). Side note, I feel like the swiping left/right sensitivity is higher than it should be. I always find myself accidentally opening the sidebars while scrolling up and it can be really annoying.


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