Add 'Go Live' support for API


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  • SV

    Full send on this idea!

  • ThatOneCalculator

    Agreed! Let's get this upvoted!!

  • Purple

    That would be nice for things like sync watch video!

    like an evolution of listening music togheter in call

  • JamesHHH

    You could do that or we could use OpenGL to render our own scenes, like visual feedback for server games like Kahoot

  • StringRay

    We totally need this!!

  • xavi

    10000000% needed. Developing bots on discord for server events with the ability to do this would be incredible. Being able to stream from a video source(Similar to embedded images) would be great for movie nights, watching streamers together, watching funny videos, and overall bringing people together. I could see that it could cause rate limit issues, but this shouldn't cause an issue since discord doesn't host user's bots. It's a no-brainer. I would definitely use this feature if it were added to the API.

  • Zomatree

    pointless and bandwidth heavy

  • silasary

    On the other side of things, it would be nice if a bot could stream someone else's Go Live, so that a bot ala could save videos.

  • 初星-はつぼし-

    I can't write a program, but I agree with it because I have many ideas.

  • Elite

    Apparently my previous post from a month ago was Auto-Robo logged - So we'll just snippet it :p

  • Daniel Toast

    I really want this. It would be really cool if I could send video streams from my pc to the server

  • Arch

    This would be nice for things like watching youtube videos with friends.

  • dyeghikoo

    As members of a server, we want want to transmit Twitch lives in a channel voice in order to watch and talk about the same transmission.

  • DavideVito

    This could be really useful, create a watch2gether like bot. 

  • RGTube

    Wow, I'm surprised this already isn't apart of the API for bot devs. I'm holding a Minecraft Live event on my server this weekend and I was looking to see if there was a way to stream the actual event on discord with a bot. Hopefully, this gets added in the future. 

  • KlookKindaCute

    Yes we need this 1000000%! Discord listen up!


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